Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Mr Postman.....I think I love you!

A free can of cat food, voter registration cards, a giant polka dotted package....hmmm...which do I love most?

Notice which object has been moved.

Eeek! Tiny wooden spools in a purple pouch. Adorable.

Very cool log cabin-esque quilty....

made just for this space by JGmehlin as part of the March/April 2012 STUD swap themed "For a place."

It looks fantastic.

But oh, there is more! Sweet Julie couldn't decide which space she wanted to make a quilt for. (Yes,my home needs a lot of help in the decor department.). So, she made two. Lucky me!

Notice the cat food is still untouched.


I call that perfection. What do you think?

She sent scraps too...and look at that gorgeous card!

Thank you Ms Julie. You, as always, are one awesome partner.


Lynne said...

You are a "blessed" girl, aren't you?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Both quilts are cute, but, I love that dresden plate the best. What fun!