Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, this month I turn 49. Holy grey hairs Batman, how did that happen? I don't feel old enough to have been around that long.

To celebrate with my many cyber-friends I am having a give away. One of these beauties is up for grabs.

Tiny Twists Mini
Made with
Moda's Fabric for a Cause

Hoopla Tiny Twists
Made with Moda's Hoopla

Leave a message telling me which mini you would rather have, Traditional or Bright. One entry per person, preferably followers (but I'm not going to check. I'd rather you join the gang because you enjoy visiting than you think you might win something.)

I will draw the winners name on my birthday....April 10. The other mini gets put in my local guild's brown bag mug rug exchange at the end of the month.


Christine L said...

Happy Birthday To YOU!!! Happy Birthday to YoU!! Happy birthday Dear Cindy... Happy birthday to you :)

So kind of you to do a giveaway. I like the bright one.

carol fun said...

Happy happy birthday! Birthdays are good for you particularly considered the other option is no birthday - LOL! Oh you know me, the bright one calls my name. I love that Hoopla line of fabric. The quilt on my bed right now is made with that line. Have a great week!

Cindy said...

I'm just a year behind you! hope you have a great birthday! I'd love to win the bright mini!

Sandra Kaye said...

Happy almost birthday:):):) I like the traditional twist. Many hugs

Issabella The Cat said...

"Holy grey hairs batman" made me snort my coffee!
How have you managed to get them sooo itty bitty small? They both look fab!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,
I just joined and looking forward to getting your posts!I really don't care about the giveaway as I never win them.I love bright colors and am doing both a king size rag quilt, and a king size afghan with 10 different colored squares and outlined in black and a multi-color!
God Bless and thanks for making me laugh!
Lenora Ziobro

Anonymous said...

I would like the bright mini! Happy Birthday!

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Cindy, I hope you are gonna have a fabulous birthday! April seems to be Birthday month. I am running from one party to another ;-) In the most unlikely event of me winning I'd pick the bright one ;-)
Have a great week!

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Happy Birthday this month!

Cindy said...


Mike Pearson said...

I like the traditional :) Happy Birthday! I'm a follower!

Katie said...

Happy birthday! Age is only a number. Too bad we can't be as old as we feel, though it would change day to day for me. :)

I love both of these but favor the traditional one more.

Cindy said...

Mr. Random Number Generator picked you. I'll put your prize in the mail as soon as you send me your address.

Lynne said...

A very belated "happy birthday"; I, too, am an April girl (as is my DD).