Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Books, books, books

I am such a junkie. Life is good and I treated myself to a few new reads.

I really like this one. I may have to rethink my scrap box.

I've been eyeing this one for quite a while. Love it!

After making my In & Out quilt I discovered that this fabric designer has more going on. I had to check out her book.

This one I bought on a whim....hmmm....good idea. Great inspiration!

And just so you know I did something today besides write 11 distracting questions and fold a load of laundry here are a few snaps of some pretties I was working on.

I'm thinking about quilting this in bubbles.

I did a little paper piecing and part of the pattern was backward. I turned my extra piecing into a teeny tiny pin cushion.

I seriously love this mini. I think it needs to hang in the to big jar of dark chocolate peanut m&ms.


Sana Saroti said...

That mini does look cool! Great thing to keep in mind ;-)

Highland Monkey's said...

Greetings from the 'bag lady'!
Don't tempt me with books, musn't look my book shelf is groaning already!
Your quilts are great, the little pin cushion is brilliant.

Carla said...

Hi Cindy. I just got myself scrap republic and Sunday morning quilts. Love that one. Have a lovely Easter.

Katie said...

I love both minis! Especially the last one would be wonderful to have as motivation.

Lynne said...

I received "Scrap Republic" for my birthday but was even more inspired by "Modern Blocks" which I also received.!