Monday, November 3, 2014

October in my Rearview

Photo taken by my brother, Richard Bradley in Lebanon, OH

October was as glorious a tree in full foliage, slowly turning to crimson and gold as the cold weather sets in.  It was long as a summer's day, and as exhausting as a holiday season in which a new child is born into the household....just after moving to a new home.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My October started out slow - I enjoyed a long weekend quilting with my friends from the Scorpion retreat group. There were about 12 of us enjoying wonderful food and friends at the Sunset Retreat Center in Sunset, TX.  If you get a chance to go take it.

Scorpion retreatx

I got home just in time to finish the last quilts in line for Sew Loved John 3:16.  A friend from church asked if I would help her complete 9 quilts for kids with cancer.  In conjunction with The Portrait Project, she was making a quilt for each kid. We made 9 quilts in 9 weeks.

Sew Loved John 3:16 Project

The quilts were presented to the kids on October 9.

Next up - a trip to the north to take in the fall colors - and love on my big brother and his family.

October Trip to Kentucky

The week was quiet.  We sat around and visited and enjoyed the cool wet fall they were having.  On the one day that did turn sunny we ventured out to Lebanon, Ohio.  I could be very happy living in that little town.  The photo of the beautiful tree was taken by Richard out of the roof of his truck, with his iPhone.  He definitely knows something I don't about photography - maybe that is why he is successful as a commercial photographer.

On the way home we got to stop and have lunch with my Johnny.  It was so very good to see my boy. We spent an hour visiting and then headed on home.  His team is now 8 and 0.  I'm not sure when we will see him next....I'm kind of sad about that part, but excited for the success of his beloved Ouachita Tigers.

Tops to Treasures plowed ahead  - finishing 10 quilts in between excursions. Three of which I also hand bound.

October 2014 at Tops to Treasures

And, last, but not least we finally got my youngest to go car shopping. I don't know what the deal is, but he really has no interest in driving.  I wonder what happened to the adventurous toddler he once was.  We had to keep a rope on Ben to keep him from jumping into the pool before we were ready.  I lost track of the number of times family members pulled him out of the drink.  At 16 he is more than happy to sit in the dark and play on a computer all day.  Too bad for him.  I think learning to drive and get around in the world are all part of growing up.  It is just something you need to be able to do (like swimming).  

I leave you with a pic of my youngest boy and his little copper colored car.  Don't worry, I made sure, before it was purchased that it would hold a full roll of batting! I can't hardly wait until December 22, when he will have his drivers licence and I can send him out on Minion errands.