Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Rearview Mirror - Some kind of wonderful love.

The blustery month of March!  What a ride.

I had some finishes this month....

My Swap Items for March 2013

These were all for swapping and are now on their way...riding the March winds so to their new homes.

Tops to Treasures March 2013

Tops to Treasures did a bit of business....okay more than half of that is for myself, or my Mum....but work is!  (I already have this much work in the hopper for April.)

But mostly March was about visiting with friends and family.  I spent a week playing with my boys.  We were all together (Thank you God) for a whole week when we hadn't expected any.  I spent a long weekend retreating with my Mum, followed a week later by a day at the Dallas Quilt Celebration show, followed a week later by a Mystery Quilt Sew day and an evening in Dallas taking in a musical.

March Happenings 2013
Yup, March has been about people.  I am blessed to have people in my life who love me...even when I am not terribly lovable.

I am further blessed to belong to a God who has loved me from the beginning of time.  A God who stitched the whole world into being by the words of His mouth.  Who, knowing the end from the beginning, knew how wretched people would be and chose to make us anyway.  Knowing what it would cost Him, God made the heavens and the earth and populated it with people who turned around and reject all that He had given them....including the love that He offered freely.  Yet, He made a way for us to be united with Him forever.  That is some kind of wonderful love.

Imagine making a quilt for your beloved.  The most beautiful quilt you have ever made, or will ever make, invested with hours of your love and affection, blood, sweat, and tears, perfectly crafted for the one you hold most dear.  You finish the quilt, wrap it up with a bow, and present it.  It is gratefully received...or so you think...until you see it wadded up on the hood of his car, grease smudges on the beautiful stitching, one corner wedged in a door frame and torn.

Ya, I wouldn't be getting up close and personal with that man anytime soon, and I darn sure wouldn't be making him another quilt.

God isn't like that.  (Good thing.)  He devised a most wonderful and unbelievable plan to make everything right again.  Over the course of centuries he directed events to culminate in the birth of one particular boy....His boy....the perfect boy to fulfill God's plans.  That boy grew to manhood and told the world about his wonderful father.  He wasn't much better accepted than his father was.  Those he came to save turned around and murdered him on a Roman cross.  He went willingly....the perfect lamb.  He died, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. 

This is where I would have ended the story....I'd be done with the lot....but NOT God. 

Three days later Jesus Christ, son of Man and son of God, arose from the dead.  He got up and walked among the people and talked with them, not like a creepy, undead, zombie sort of creature, but as a risen Lord who ate and drank, and cast a shadow.  And he offered those people, and all of the people that were to come after them the chance to accept His gift - price paid, debt erased, ticket stamped "Paid in full" - the opportunity to be made right with God and join him in Heaven for the rest of time.

Remember that beautifully crafted quilt all torn and dirty wadded up on your beloved's car?  We are like that before God...he made that quilt for us and we treated it like some nasty used hygene product.  Jesus was born to fix it, and He did.  Our lives before God are now more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.   The quilt is clean and repaired....more perfect than it was before.   Jesus paid the price for restoration and offeres it to us for FREE.   All we have to do is accept it.

That is some kind of wonderful love.........that is Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

26 Years Ago Today...


I married this man....


for better or worse,

Flour Fling 09.33

for richer or poorer,

Coach Gilbert

 until death do we part.
My beloved and I
Easter 1998

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Goodies from Canadian Abroad
Sitting on the south end of my couch, brightening up the corner.....

Anyone recognize that lovely pillow?
or this lovely face?
My friend Susan, of Canadian Abroad, agreed to do a private swap with me.  I wanted an excuse to send her some North American goodies and felt silly paying postage to send Twizzlers to England.  I decided that I should make her something and include the Twizzlers so as to seem more in keeping with my ripe old age of 50.  (How did that happen.  I swear I only remember about 25 of those years.)
Susan beat me to the punch line with today's mail. 
Goodies from Canadian Abroad
AND she included European sweets for me to try....

Goodies from Canadian Abroad
AND she included a delightfully English fat quarter....

Goodies from Canadian Abroad
which I am assuming is a public transit map of London....but when view as a 1" thumbnail photo kind of reminds me of the face of the oldest human....which is kind of oddly appropriate too...."Moisturize me".  Who was that?!
Anyway.  Thank you much Susan.  You made my day a gazillion times brighter, and no that is not a Texas tall tale.  It is the absolute truth.  Bless you!!
Go visit my friend and enjoy her quirky style at Canadian Abroad.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ta-done! x 2

First up - Jack of Heart's, Heather Spence's Fall 2012 Mystery Quilt. 
Jack of Hearts
Finished at 64 x 64" and is quite sufficient to be used as a sail on a windy day.  The wind is all that is holding my quilt to the fence.
Jack of Hearts
Quilted in Vicki Malaski's "Circus 1".  If you look closely you can see the Ring Master, a lion, an elephant, a circus tent, and a tall skinny clown in the quilting.
Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
The back has adorable lions with bunting mains on it.
My second finish this week is Garden Steps - a stitch-a-long with Clover & Violet done quite a while ago.
Garden Steps
It finished out at 57" x 74" and features 12 hand embroidered centers surrounded by purples and aquas from Kate Spain's beautiful "Good Fortune" line.
Garden Steps
It is quilted in Anne Bright's "Joy" - a playful pattern of flowers, leaves, and butterflies that curls like a breeze across the quilt.
Garden Steps
Spring seems to have suddenly sprung out of now where in North Texas.  I hope it isn't too long before it is traveling further north and melting all of the ice and snow.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Claiming my blog

On Bloglovin'


Follow my blog with Bloglovin


I was there!  I was there, and I kind of sort of wish I could have stayed, (really, wouldn't you want to?) but I missed my nice comfy bed and messy family.

Go check out what it took to survive ....  Moda...The Cutting Table

Now, off to get the sand out of my undies and turn those quilt tops into treasures!

(PS - It is all just fun folks, no sand in these sun on this nose...just me at my desk day dreaming.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liebster Part 2

My 11 Nominees

The rules state I must nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers. 
And the nominees are...hmmm this is harder than I thought it would be.  Tell you what I am going to do.  If I follow a blog, then I like it.  There are not enough hours in the day for me to read blogs that make my head explode.  If you see your blog over on the side of my page, and you have fewer than 200 followers, then consider yourself Liebstered.
If you would like to participate here are the 11 questions you need to answer....
  1. What is your favorite sound?  For me it would be birds chirping outside my window, followed closely by the sound of children laughing.
  2. What is your favorite dessert?  Hands down it is The Great Wall of Chocolate served by P F Chang.  We have gone there every year to celebrate my second son's birthday and we split this 7 layer beauty between the bunch of us.  I honestly think that I would be happy just licking the raspberry sauce off of the platter...but my boys are too embarrassed to let me have a go at it.
  3. Why do you quilt? (or if you don't quilt then why do you do your favorite hobby.) I quilt because I like figuring out the puzzle....and the idea that what I do will be enjoyed by my family when I am not around.
  4. Do you like your veggies cooked or raw?  I'd choose raw every time.  There is nothing as yummy to me as a fresh garden salad.
  5. What family tradition do you most enjoy?  I have a great time stuffing stockings every Christmas.  (Don't worry, I took an extension course from Santa.  My Stuffer Certification allows him more time to make his deliveries.)  I find it easier to find little things throughout the year that will make my family smile than to find that one perfect gift.
  6. What/when was your best birthday ever?  Hands down it was the year I turned 20.  That year my big brother got married on my birthday and gave me the perfect gift.  I always wanted a sister, and his wife is AWESOME.
  7. Cats or dogs?  Trick question!  I like both.  My dogs make me feel safe and my cats make me feel loved.
  8. What would be a "special dinner" to you?  I am not a big fan of pomp.  I am happy to eat from my lap off of a paper plate as long as it is with good friends and family.  A special dinner to me is one that is shared with the special people in my life.  Although, once in a while it is fun to go to a restaurant that serves me...with glass glasses and real silverware.
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  Honestly, I am tempted to say that I'd like to be slender but the truth is my weight isn't the real issue.  The real issue is my attitude about my body.  Soooo, if I could change one thing about myself it would be my crappy attitude.
  10. Do you have any quirky habits?  I sniff my hair when I am tired.  In fact I just caught myself doing it.  When I worked in an office I often wore my hair up or short so that I couldn't do it in the middle of staff meetings.
  11. Name one "problem" that you wish you had a solution for.  I find it very uncomfortable to sit.  Yep, you read that one correctly.  Sitting is an issue for me.  I often find myself horizontal when I have no intention of being that way.  I thought it was because my legs aren't very long.  My feet don't always touch the floor flatly when my bum is pushed back to the back of a chair.  Eventually my feet hit the floor and my bum slides thing you know I am reclining.  This is not a pretty sight.

Now it is your turn....please link back to me if  you accept my Liebster nomination.  I'd love to read about you.


You are next... Click here to enter
This list will close in 21 days, 6 hrs, 30 min (3/31/2013 11:59 PM North America - Central Standard Time)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Covert Robin

the covert robin button

I am so behind on my throws you a curve sometimes....some of them are even good...but they throw you off track none the less. 

The Covert Robin is a mystery gift exchange sponsored by Rachel at Imagine gnats.  Sign ups are closed now...but I did some shopping while I was at the Dallas Quilt Show.
Camera Roll-138

I just need to make it and pop it in the post before March 31.  No worries right?!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Liebster Part 1

I am so far behind that I am chasing my tail.  Several weeks ago my sweet blogging friend Lynne sent me the lovely Liebster.  I am just now doing my part.

Here are the rules:
  1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate
  4. Choose 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and link them in your post.

Today I will respond to the first two items on the "rules" list.

11 Random Things about Cindy

  1. I turn 50 in April (Oh my gosh - how did that happen?!)
  2. I am left handed, but can write equally well with either hand.
  3. My natural bent is toward the silly side.
  4. I love the sound of birds singing outside my windows.
  5. I used to have long dark hair.  Now I have long dark hair that is streaked with grey.  (I have the mark of the skunk!)
  6. I have no tattoos - nor do I plan to get any.
  7. I spent many, many years studying piano, and was a TA in the music department in college.
  8. I was made in Massachusetts - but didn't live there long enough to learn how to spell it.
  9. I like blue cheese.
  10. I don't have a favorite color - I have a favorite spectrum - bright!
  11. My first car was a 1986 Honda Accord hatchback

My answers to Lynne's 11 questions

  1. Where were you when Armstrong walked on the moon? First I'd have to know when he walked on the moon....Siri says....July 20, 1969 22:56:15 EDT....I remember watching it on the TV in my grandparents living room....but I was probably sleeping when it actually happened.
  2. What colours in decorating, fashion or stitching do you remember without hesitation?  Honestly, I've never paid much attention to fashion. 
  3. What was your favourite childhood toy? When I was a kid my favorite "toy" was an old upright piano.  I spent hours alone in the basement playing it.  It was probably my best friend. 
  4. Name one song that you can sing from beginning to end. "Away in the Manger"  I used to sing it to my baby because it was the only song I could remember all of the words to.
  5. Name one advertising jingle from your pre-adult days that you remember clearly (and then tell me music has no power!) How about the theme song to the Banana Spits?  I don't remember any advertising jingles....probably would if you sang one to me though.
  6. When did you get your first computer? 1990ish.  I remember playing Space Quest on it with my husband in the spare bed room of our first house.
  7. When did you start blogging and why?  1/20/2011 I'm not sure why, but I am glad I did.
  8. How many UFOs/WIPs can you name right now? 8 or 9, but it isn't polite to count.
  9. What makes you laugh?  My cats, and a beautiful sunny spring day. 
  10. What's the first thing you think of when you hear/read the word "Australia"? The movie with Hugh Jackman in it quickly followed by the awesome friends I have made there via blogging.
  11. What's for dinner? Who's cooking? I have no idea what is for dinner...but I am pretty sure my husband will be cooking it.

The other two items on the rules list are for another day.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day at the Dallas Show

It has been very crazy around my house of late.  I've had to remind myself to breath quite a few times.  Today seems to be a day of peace.  (Thank you God!)

I got to spend the day in Dallas yesterday.  I took in the annual quilt show with my Mom.  I can't share all of my photographs here....but you can check them out over on my Flickr photostream.

I thought, as my home is a gallery of mini quilts I would share the auction  mini's with you here.  As my Mom and I looked at them she kept telling me that my collection was better.  I'd have to agree.  (That my friends is in large part thanks to you who have swapped with me over the years.)  But there were a few that caught my eye...I think I would make room for them on my walls.

Auction Mini # 6
This was the first to catch my eye. I loved the message and the bright colors.
Auction Mini #12
I was still looking else where when my Mom asked me what in the world a police box was doing in the middle of a garden on this little quilt.

Auction Mini #12
Oh yeah, you could have heard me squeal across town.  The Doctor was in the building.  I think I would gladly join a guild who had David Tennet as a member....Matt Smith would be fun about both of those handsome boys?!
Auction Mini #26
Bwahahahaha - It made me hungry!!  (No BLTs in the cafeteria though.  What were the show planners thinking?)
Auction Mini #28
Well done number 28.  Your piecing is beautiful.
Auction Mini #37
For my scenic quilt lovers.
Auction Mini #44
The Mama bird's breast was lovely.
Auction Mini #55
What is not to love about a dachshund on a skateboard?  I know my picture isn't the best.  They had the mini's hung on two levels and I wasn't tall enough to get a good vantage...darn my stubby genetics.
Auction Mini #75
I am NOT a Sun Bonnet Sue lover.  This is one traditional quilt block that I just don't like...
but I have a soft spot for the desert
Auction Mini #82
Bravo #82, great composition.  What a clever way to use a large print.
  (I think the fabric line is Cinnamon Spice by Moda)
Auction Mini # 89
Darn my  stubby legs....who wouldn't swoon if they got this beauty in the mail.
Auction Mini #91
Very cool use of stripes and solids.
And one more....just because I can't get over how real it looks....okay maybe two more....

Heidi's Schlowers

Heidi's Schlowers
Ya, I'd have given this one that ribbon too.
Blue Plate Special
I think this is my favorite quilt from the show.  Don't those tomatoes look scrumptious?!
Blue Plate Special

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Out the Door

Hot diggity, dog diggity, how cool is this?!

I am on Moda Bake Shop today!!
If you are visiting, WELCOME.  Have a poke around a bit and enjoy yourself.
If you are a friend or follower join me in the happy dance!! Then go over and check out the pattern and the story behind it.  It is all about my boys.
Out the Door - Cover photo

Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodness Gracious...

...what a weekend.

I spent the last three days at a quilt retreat at beautiful lake Texoma's Tanglewood Resort.  Wow.  I think I would love to live there if I could figure out how to pay the bills that far from the city.

I got three quilts tackled...two of them need borders...which will require some shopping (oh darn).  Wanna see?  These are the pictures I took while at retreat - the color quality is pretty don't mind do you..
My retreat finish.
This was my first project.  It measures 54 x 64 and is made from 42, 9 1/2" squares of muslin with selvedge edges layered on top like shingles.  I love the way it looks, but think it a border so plan to make it a bit bigger as soon as I can go shopping and then get back to the project.

Retreat finish #2
Project # 2 - I finished the top from Heather Spence's Fall Mystery Quilt.  Yeah!  I love these happy fabrics.  It is now on it's way to the quilter.  (That would be I am kind of busy so it may be a little while before this gets the big Ta-done!)

Retreat Finish #3

Project #3 - Garden Steps by Clover & Violet, August 2012.  Yeah!  I have all of my blocks finished and put together, but think it needs a nice dark border to finish it well.  Darn - another reason to go shopping!

Retreat finish #4
The last thing I worked on was a mini - or blocks for one.  It is going to have 9 crazy hats on it!  Gotta say I am loving this project.
Today, while I am digging out from underneath all that was done and not done over the weekend, I am waiting for a special express package to get here from Moda.  I've been asked to help with with a project.  I have mixed emotions about it...but I think it is going to be fun.  You will have to wait to see it though - I can tell you that it has something to do with Julie Comstock and American Patchwork Quilting.