Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#12 Washi House

It seems like forever since I have posted anything.  Life seems to be just moving along.  We have slid into summer.  Not much has been happening, except the mercury is rising.

However, my short, very hot walk to the mail box was rewarded yesterday.

Annie at Annie's Musings made it from paper...and sent it to me!
#012 Washi House
I love this little house.  It is just the sort of house that would have a yellow/orange school bus pull up in front of it...with Pigeon driving.  If you haven't read the book you need to go check it out.  It is one of my favorite picture books.  AND now it is one of my favorite fabric lines!!
No, I haven't ordered any of it...yet...I want to in the worst way, but it seems like a waste when I have no little people in my home to make something for.  In my dream studio I would have it sitting on the shelf right next to this one...
You can check out the rest of the "Let's Pretend" line here.
Back to my regularly scheduled day...too much testosterone, and laundry....but I will be dreaming of my perfect studio in my beautiful little yellow house.
Thanks Annie!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Home again home again Jiggity Jog


Didn't I write that just the other day?!

I'm tickled as punch to be featured on Moda Bake Shop today.

This sweet little quilt has been waiting in the wings a long time...
So named because the blocks seem to waggle in their spots like the jiggity icons on my cell phone when I touch the screen too long.
Made from Kapalua Batiks
this finished quilt measures 46" x 53"
 - perfect for snuggling in when you your kids come out of the pool with blue lips!

If you are over having a visit from the Bake Shop, Welcome!! Stick around...kick the tires...and enjoy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Looking Back at May

Lily's Quilts

Wow...what a month.

I swear every month it is the same story.  I'm tired and discouraged and think that I haven't accomplished a thing.  When I take a step out of my day and look back at what I actually did accomplish I am blown wonder I get tired.

This month I quilted 12 quilts for customers...
May 2013 Finishes
I finished another pattern for Moda Bake Shop, made a graduation gift with the scraps and saw a quilt I made featured on the cover of American Patchwork Quilting.

May 2013 Finishes - Tops to Treasures - Patterns

And I received a lovely mini in the mail as part of the Fab Little Quilt Swap on Flickr.

"Fairy Tree"

Add to that a concert with my beloved, four JrCo Tournament baseball games, and seeing my big brother off and I had one very full month of May.

I guess I'm not the slouch I thought I was.

PS If you were here earlier and saw a rather strange post - my apologies.  My mouse died this morning and I was trying to write the post using my touch screen computer...with my fingers.  Let's just say that was an epic FAIL.  The problem is fixed now.  Thanks for stopping by.