Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wobbley Web Class

The lovely ladies at Happiness is Quilting have asked me to teach! The shop is located in historic McKinney, Texas and is one of my favorites.
Wobbly Web Layer Cake Throw was featured on Moda Bakeshop and is a fun seasonal throw that would be easy to personalize for different holidays.  I can easily imagine pumpkins wrapping their vines around the trellis, or spring flowers.
The model features "The Boo Crew" by Sweetwater for Moda and two friendly goggley eyed spiders on a wobbly web.
The class, #503,  is currently scheduled for Saturday, August 24 from 10am to 4 pm.  Cost for this class is $40.
Please contact the friendly people at Happiness is Quilting if you are interested in spending the day playing with fabric with me.

Looking Back at July

I am always shocked to discover that I actually accomplished something during past four weeks.  Without exception I arrive at the end of the month tired and overwhelmed thinking that I haven't done anything....and without exception this exercise reminds me that I am most often wrong!

Tops to Treasures is still booming.  As I write this I have 9 quilts on the shelf to do in August, and at least 4 more that haven't made it to my door yet but have expressed an interest.  I don't think I will be board.  July - saw 15 quilts slide past my leaders.

 July 2013 - Tops to Treasures Quilting
My efforts at writing patterns were rewarded with another publication on Moda Bakeshop.

Mimi's Daisy Chains
and I finished writing my next pattern for them as well.  It will air on August 4.
On other boys are all home for the summer and it has been breath taking to say the least. 

Home at last!
#1 son, Noah (nearly 21) quickly damaged his elbow.  We thought perhaps he had torn a ligament and would need surgery.  I can't count the number of times I have been down this road before with him....he plays hard.  Three doctors appointments, and three weeks later we discovered that nothing was torn (Thank you God) but he did severely strain an interior ligament.    Physical therapy has helped that a great deal and the Noah drama has passed....for now.
Sr picture proofs came today!
A proof from John's Sr. pictures.  I had to share it.....don't know where I got such a handsome boy.
Son #2, John (17 1/2) has also had some drama going on.  John is a quiet, thoughtful boy who doesn't usually have a lot of drama in his life.  However, he has been having episodes of heart palpitations since last May.  We've been trying to capture an image of it for the cardiologist, with not success....until yesterday.  Hopefully we will have some definite answers soon...all we know for sure is that there are no structural issues with his heart.  Good news for sure, but not an answer. 
If any of you happen to have an athletic kid with heart issues I highly recommend a foundation called The Athlete's Heart.  They have been more than a blessing through this ordeal.
With my heart in my throat I just keep moving....keep quilting....keep designing....keep praying that my boys will mend...which I know they will.  Unfortunately I keeps me from posting here.  Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us, and those of you who have thought to write and ask where I've been.  You do my heart good.
PS  I know I still have a week of July left...but I am headed out of town on vacation!!!  I think I earned it.  See you in August.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mimi's Daisy Chain


Dorothy Winder @1927

and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere.  Today I am celebrating my maternal grandmother...Dorothy Winder Strube. 

I thought it would be fun to let you know a little bit more about the inspiration behind my latest pattern on Moda's Bakeshop.
Mimi's Daisy Chains
What follows is an excerpt from a short collection of stories I wrote about her several years ago.  It is a little long for a blog post, but it will tell you a little bit more about my Nanny.  I hope you enjoy it.

There was nothing truly remarkable about her.  She was not tall or graceful.  She was not fair of face.  One might say that she was rather short, certainly under five foot three, and had a large nose.  That nose, which I can scarcely detach from the rest of her, was quite often a sore spot with her.  She would have called it ugly.  She had gray hair, more white than gray, which I can only remember as being curled, although I believe that God made it straight and thin.  Her hair was not beautiful, nor was her face, yet for the life of me I can think of no other word to describe her.  My grandmother was beautiful from the top of her curly gray head to the tip of her somewhat too large nose, to the bottom of her long narrow feet.  There was nothing truly remarkable about her, except perhaps that she was mine.  (I thank God for the truly wonderful blessing that He gave to me in her.)
Dorothy Winder Strube @ 1991
Nanny taught me about lots of things.  She was my confidant, she shared my secrets and reveled in my plans.  She was my encourager.  The world needs more like her, yet I wonder whether it is still capable of producing them.  Nanny was born in Manchester England in 1902.  She was the last of thirteen children.  I would have liked to meet my great grandmother Winder to ask her how she managed with so many children.  I seem to have a hard time just dealing with three.  I have a hard time with three, yet I have a husband who is home - hers died when Nanny was very young.  I have a washing machine, dish washer, clothes drier, indoor plumbing and a grocery store not a mile from my home that brings me apples from New Zealand and salmon from the north Atlantic.  I have a television and radio and can "talk" on my computer with people in China if I have a yen to.  I have seen people walk on the moon.  My great grandmother would not even have dreamed of these things.  When Nanny was born the world was a different place.  Lovers still wrote letters to one another and cherished locks of hair.  People traveling great distances had to travel by steam ship, or perhaps by train, but always at a rate much slower than that we "enjoy" today.  Time was slower, people more reflective, innocence more common.  News traveled slowly and was often old before it reached you, but always pertinent.  Letters from distant relatives were cherished epistles, links in a grand chain rather than electronic bursts forgotten a few moments after they are read.  All of these things, and more, went into making my grandmother who she was, thoughtful, reflective, patient, an encourager.
Dorothy Winder Strube @ 1992
Palm Sunday, 1902 was the day that God chose to bring Nanny, Dorothy Winder, into the world.  I once talked with her about names.  She said, "By the time Mother and Father got to me, they had run out of middle names, so I didn't get one.  Mother liked Dorothy, it means 'gift of God' and she liked Grace.  Father thought one name was sufficient, so Mother picked Dorothy.  They called me Dolly.  I was called Dolly all of my life, until I met your Grandfather.  He didn't think that name did me justice."  I got the feeling that she missed being called Dolly.  It was on that day that I became resolved to give my daughter just that name.  She would be Dorothy Grace in honor of her dear great grandmother, and we would most certainly call her Dolly,...just as soon as God saw fit to give her to me.  That Nanny's given name meant "Gift of God" and that she was born on Palm Sunday meant the world to her.  She felt linked somehow to the passion of Christ.  I have to agree with her, it is a pretty awesome set of coincidences.

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 - In my rear view mirror

Wow - I can't believe that it has only been a few short weeks since my boys started their summer break.

I have been incredibly busy...and latest obsessions are the board game Ticket To Ride...and it's related I-versions; and the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon between these two I haven't done a terribly lot of quilting....and yet....

June 2013 Finishes - Tops to Treasures
I did manage to quilt 12 items for customers and friends of Tops to Treasures;

AND I had another item published by Moda Bakeshop;


AND go on a road trip with my Mom in my new little car.  We went to visit two of our favorite quilt shops, Stitchin Heaven, and Happiness is....Quilting.;
#012 Washi House
AND receive this wonderful bit of quilty paper post card art from Annie FreezeFrame.
Not a bad month at that.
On to July!
Lily's Quilts