Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Shopping Trip with Mom

I just got back from having lunch with my Mom and shopping with the gift card she gave me.  This is what I got.....

I love the "cheater" cloth.  It is so bright and springy and 110% girly.  There is no mistaking this for a quilt belonging to one of the boys.  I got two of the coordinates - the blue paisley for a border, and the red polka dot for a binding.  (The line is Leila Rose by Alex Anderson for P&B Textiles)

The bunny fabric - I'm seeing Monty Python's killer bunnies here (not girly) - are for the back, because they made me laugh.

I also picked up a yard of backing for this....(it is the third cut of fabric I have purchased to back this....I think I have finally gotten it right this time.)

And set C of the Marti Michell templates.  Would you believe I went to work on my Yester-Year UFO and discovered that I didn't have the templates to finish it?!  They are half off at Quilt Country - if you are interested in obtaining them.  They didn't have all of the sets, but they had A, B, C and a few of the later ones.

I kind of went over my $50 limit.  But I had two $50 gifts to spend so I'm okay.  (Like my dh would care.)

Oh...and check out this virtual cake I was sent.....

Cute isn't it!


M-R said...

Adorable fabric -- love the killer bunny reference! That cake looks awesome -- too bad it's virtual!

Lynne said...

Lovely fabric and that "cake" is amazing!