Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August in my rearview

I'm not sure that this cartoon is completely accurate....there have been moments when I was more like the toddler than like the Mom.  Yes, I do enjoy my boys that much!

August started out with a bang - I finished John's quilt!! Each red petal took about 40 minutes to create from start to finish.  There were 180 petals in the quilt.  It took two days to custom quilt.  And several hours to sew down the binding.  That doesn't include piecing the rest of the quilt.  I told John that the quilt has 147 + hours of love stitched into it.  He  needs to make it last.

Ta-done & claimed.

He helped me with the photo shoot and it took him exactly that long to get it off of the grass and over himself.   He (and it) were the first ones to leave the nest this semester.

Home Sweet dorm room.

He is now firmly rooted in the glory that is playing football for a smallish college.  Go Tigers!!

Pre season football
John is the guy on the right.
A few weeks later Noah left for his Jr. year at Angelo State University.  I didn't get to go with him to help set up his room. He sent pictures.  His room is sweet, definitely a step up from his brothers. And we took our parting shots...then went inside and cried cleaned.  (both are true).

It doesn't get any easier. Noah is off to San Angelo

Just a few days later my baby (he's 16) started preseason work for his Jr. year of high school.  Like his oldest brother, Ben enjoys being an athletic trainer.

It is hard coming to grips with the fact that my boys are going up.  It is the right thing to happen.  It is normal and good.  However, it leaves me feeling a little .... vacant.  I'm not sure how to progress with out them about.

Keeping up with my wonderful quilting friends has helped.  This month I quilted 14 quilts (John's is included in the list.)

Aug 2014 in Review

I'm slowly getting the hang of September, being a Mom taxi service again, and having a very quiet house during the day.  I might even be starting to enjoy it.

I hope you are enjoying all of the changes that September brings to your corner of the world.