Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Cool is That?!

I got some awesome mail the other things are happening in my corner of the world.

First the big envelope....

Quilts and more, Summer 2013
Inside I found a Summer 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens "Quilts and More" with a green sticky note that said "Thanks for being a part of Moda Bake Shop."  Cool.

I couldn't figure out why the kind folks at United Notions had sent me a magazine. It took me a moment to connect the dots. (I'm slow like that sometimes.)
Add for Moda Bake Shop

Then I noticed that the inside front cover had an add for Moda Bake Shop.  Do you see what I see?  (Lol, took me long enough.)  Just north of center page is a picture of my "'nough Said" quilt.

 Zooming in....
How cool is this?!  An add for Moda Bake Shop with me in it...(well my quilt).
How about that?!  My name and blog address in a national magazine.  Slick.
Now the box....

The note from UPS said the box weighed 16 pounds.  Holy cow...that is a lot of something.

First up - The Boo Crew by Sweetwater for Moda
The Boo Crew
A sample of it's too cuteness!!
The Boo Crew

This super silly pile of cuteness should be ready for the Bake Shop next month...God willing.

And on the sweeter side....Mimi by Chez Moi for Moda

Oooooh how I'm wishing that I had a little girl to share this with.  A big girl would do.  Maybe if there are any leftovers I'll have a give away when the project is published.    Look for this pattern in June or July.

Time to get to work writing patterns....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quilt Contest on Threadbias


Have you all checked out Threadbias yet?  Think Facebook for quilters and you just about have it...except Threadbias has some pretty cool toys to play with. 

The Quilt Design Tool is sweet....and free to tryout while you create a quilt for the contest noted above.

"Dashing Through the Briar"

I can't say that it would ever replace EQ7 in my design tool arsenal, but it is still amazing.  It is preloaded with hundreds of popular fabric lines - so you can get a feel for what you are making before you spend the money on fabric.

So...go try out Threadbias and their Quilt Design Tool.  If you win you get enough of Heather Ross Briar Rose to make the top you design.

I've included info about the contest below....this is copied from their site.

Briar Rose Quilt Design Contest

Briar Rose Quilt Design Contest

Hi everyone! The Briar Rose Quilt Design Contest is a collaboration with Pink Castle Fabrics, Windham Fabrics, and Threadbias! You get to use the Quilt Design Tool right here on Threadbias to design a quilt using the beautiful fabrics from Briar Rose - the newest collection by Heather Ross and her first with Windham fabrics!

Voting here on Threadbias will narrow it down to the Top 5 - then Heather Ross herself will choose her favorite design. The best part? The winner will receive enough fabric to make the quilt top they have designed!

There are 20 prints in the collection, as well as a few solids from Windham that you can use to design your quilt. You can use any of them, but you don't have to use them all.

It all starts April 15, 2013! Here are the details!

How to Enter

Use the Quilt Design Tool here at Threadbias to design your quilt using the Contest Function.
  • When you visit the Quilt Design Tool, the Get Started menu will pop up. Choose the contest at the bottom of the pop-up window and hit "Enter." You'll then be able to choose your canvas size (maximum size 60"x75").
  • Your canvas will open and you can work on your design and save your work, even if you are not currently a subscriber. Your palette will be limited to the fabrics in the Briar Rose collection and the coordinating solids.
  • Once you are happy with your design, go to the Contest Menu and choose "Enter Contest/Update Entry." A pop-up will appear asking for the name of the design and a brief description. Fill it out as you choose and hit "Submit." You should see a message letting you know that everything has been saved.
  • Once your image is done processing, it will show up in the contest area of the group.
  • You may also export your image as a graphic (jpeg) so you can share your design on your own blog
  • You may also export your image as a graphic (jpeg) so you can share your design on your own blog
  • For help getting started with the Quilt Design Tool, we recommend that you watch these tutorial videos.
  • If you have any questions about using the design tool or need help, please visit the Quilt Design Tool forum. We will be happy to offer assistance or answer any questions!
Important Dates

  • April 15, 2013 - May 5, 2013: Contest is open for entry!
  • May 6, 2013 - May 10th, 2013: Voting opens. Anyone who is a member of the Threadbias community can vote! Joining Threadbias is always free, and if you don't have an account, you can sign up right here.
  • May 11, 2013 - May 13, 2013: Heather Ross will choose ONE winner from the top five quilt designs (as voted on by the Threadbias community)
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many quilt designs can I enter? You can enter ONE quilt design in the contest.
  • How big can I make my quilt design? There is no minimum size for your design, the maximum size is 60"x75".
  • How many winners will there be? There will be one winner, chosen by Heather Ross from the top 5 designs as voted on by the Threadbias community.
  • What can I win? The winner will receive enough Briar Rose fabric to make the quilt top they designed! (As calculated by the Threadbias Quilt Design Tool.)
  • Do I have to subscribe to the Quilt Design Tool to enter the contest? No, you don't. You'll have access to a contest workspace for FREE. The workspace will be limited to the maximum size for entry and the palette will only contain the Briar Rose fabrics and coordinating Windham solids.
  • Do I have to join Threadbias to participate? Yes, a free account on Threadbias is necessary to access the contest on the Quilt Design Tool.
  • Do I have to join this group? No, you don't, but it is encouraged! You'll be able to stay up to date on entries and announcements and have access to this discussion forum.
  • Can I buy Briar Rose fabrics now? Where can I get them? Briar Rose fabrics will be available in July. However, Pink Castle Fabrics is accepting pre-orders for the quilting cottons and the cotton Jersey knit.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Sometimes it is important to remember to BREATHE!
It seems like life has been coming at me none stop lately.  I can't believe it has been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted.
So, what have I been up to?  Hmmmm
Let's see....I went on a church retreat.  It was awesome.  You can read about it from the perspective of the guest speaker here.  If you are planning a retreat and need someone to speak .... Kay is awesome.
 I came home and had some soul searching to do.  I was amazed at how Kay's talk and my recent thoughts merged so seamlessly.  God is funny like that.

Happy Birthday to me, love Mom.  My mommy is awesome.
Three days later I was celebrating my 50th birthday.  It was a cold and rainy day.  The best part was this lovely bouquet that came from my Mom.

Nothing bundt birthday cake   . Can't remember the last time someone made me a cake.
My husband brought home a yummy Red Velvet "Nothing Bundt Cake" to carry the celebration into the evening.

We, that is my husband and two sons that are still living at home, had dinner at my favorite burger joint.  Which is anything but a burger joint.  Square Burger sits on the square in McKinney, Texas - down the street from one of my favorite quilt shops (Happiness is....Quilting). 
This is what John had...minus the cheese...which he pronounced delicious.  Yes, that is a deep fried pickle on the plate.  I had a lamb burger.  YUMMMM!
A few days later we were headed back into Dallas to take in "Wicked".  I have to say it was fantastic.  I had read the book years ago - couldn't remember the story exactly - and wasn't sure about going to the show.  However, I would now recommend the show to anyone.   I am in desperate need of a Galinda in my life and will be taking applications directly.
Sprinkled throughout all of that I've quilted 5 customer quilts, been to 2 dentist appointments for me, and taken my John to have his wisdom teeth out (which went without a hitch so far...he is still a little loopy).  Oh yeah, I knit 4 fluffy ruffly scarves and shipped off a FLiQS package too.
 I have two more quilts to do before next Tuesday.


 I have two more quilts to write directions for for Moda Bake Shop.  I am hoping that they feature "The Boo Crew" by Sweetwater and "Mimi" by Chez Moi...but we will see what the sample department sends me.


I was sent notification that the project I did for them last month (on the sly) has been approved and accepted to appear on the cover of a major quilting magazine in August.  How cool is that?!  I wonder if I can get Moda to do a give away with me when it come out on news stands.


I am going to go visit my little brother next week.  I was going to go visit him on his birthday - which is the day before mine - but got the idea too late in the day to do it in time for lunch.  I've convinced Mom to go with me which will make it that much more fun...and we can stop at Stitchin Heaven on the way home.


My big brother is in town this weekend....last minute things before he and his family move to the Cincinnati area.  I'm not thrilled with that development...but you have to do what you have to do to feed your family.  Who knows what God has in store for my sweet Richard and his family.  Maybe I will get to visit him next April and take in the Cincinnati Quilt show.


There are probably a million other things that are keeping me from breathing....but I have to leave you with these.  Gotta run to the pharmacy to pick up John's Rx.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainy Day Soul Searching

Thinking on a rainy day can be a really bad idea....especially for a deep sinking thinking bottom dweller like my self.

Waldorf is busy working on a bright yellow and blue quilt.  Very springy, and very happy...

Blue & Yellow Quilt
My big dog is snoozing at my side....
My big dog
Yup, she is THAT big!!  Rae loves me.  Love is the only word I can come up to describe her devotion to me, and that makes her dust puppies tolerable.
Outside my window it is grey and rainy.  No picture of that, what a waste of an image - it is that gloomy - so you will have to just imagine it.  (I think maybe the flowers bloom this time of year to cheer up the gloomy days.  Their colors are incredible against the gloom.  That would be worth a picture....)
Shelter Gardens
And I find myself thinking about Easter.  Jesus was born and died for the sole purpose of freeing me (and the rest of mankind) from condemnation.  That is to say, when all is said and done the thing that matters most, my standing before God,  is secure.  I don't have to wonder whether God is going to gather me into his arms in a fond embrace or cast me away forever.  My position in that wonderful everlasting hug is secure because Jesus paid the price.
So, why don't I live like it?!  Really, you would think that knowing The Father loves me and cares for me, and that there is a place prepared for me in heaven would out shine everything else.  He says that everything is going to work out for those on whom his favor rests...that would be what am I worrying about.   I am free to try anything.  Win or lose, succeed or fail, God is still going to love me, and it is all going to work for my good.  (Not to be confused with "in my favor"....sometimes good feels bad but turns out okay.)  That is beyond awesome!!
So why don't I live like it?  Why don't I try new things?  Why don't I venture out and see where the road takes me?  Why don't I laugh and tell stories and share the glorious freedom that has been given to me.  It was free.  I didn't do a thing to earn it, and I know for darn sure that I don't deserve it.  So why am I afraid?  I shouldn't be.
I am not that afraid of people in blog-land.  If you drop my feed it won't really make that much difference to me.  (shocking isn't it?!)
I'm not terribly afraid of my neighbors.  I honestly don't know many of them.  (Sad I know) The few that  I do know pretty much believe like I do.
I am okay with my kids....I am Mom.  I've got them brain washed into loving me.
BUT my husband, my mother, and my brothers all have free access to that sensitive layer just under my skin.  What they think matters to me....maybe more than it should. 
I can't help but wonder if maybe I've given something to these few that belongs to someone else.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Covert Robin - What I Made

the covert robin button

I had to get help figuring this gift out....I won't tell you the recipient's name....because I don't know if the gift has been received yet...but I will tell you that the recipient is an awesome parent.

My partner's blog is filled with posts about goings on with their kids and the special time they spend together.

It reminded me of one of my wonderful sister in laws.    I can tell you about Robin. 

Robin married my brother on my 20th birthday.  My parents gave me 3 brothers and a home in a neighborhood of boys.  It was a lovely safe home....but lacking in feminine company.  I've always been tickled that my brother gave me a sister for my birthday.  Got a say, Robbie is the best birthday gift I ever got...even 30 years later!!

Robin is like my partner in that she chose to home school my niece and nephew.  (God bless her.  If I had chosen the same route I would be in prison for murdering my sons.  Honest.)  Her children are fantastic kids.  I love to have them around.  They are smart, articulate, and interested in the world around them.  Well done sweet sister!!

I asked Robbie what she thought a homeschooling parent would appreciate in a home made gift.  Her response was..."a bag to help carry all of the books in."

Covert Robin
Soooo, a bag is what I made.  It features Malka Dubrawsky's fabric line Simple Marks.  I loved the rich colors and interesting shapes.

Covert Robin
AND has lots of interior pockets!  I think there are 16 of them.  AND there is lots of room for whatever supplies need to be toted around.  I made the lining a light color so that things wouldn't get lost in the bottom.

Covert Robin
I hope my partner enjoys this bag, made just for her....and the kids respect the fact that it belongs to MOM!! 

Covert Robin
It should be arriving at it's new home any day now. 
PS.  The USPS says that the package has been delivered.
PPS.  No site of my surprise yet...but I will keep you posted.