Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday 'lil Brother

Last night we went to a "surprise party" for my little brother. He is bigger than me, so I guess he isn't my little brother any more. His birthday is the day before mine. Yup, we are 356 days apart. What were my parents thinking?!
He is a graduate of Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! And has a doctorate in Marriage and Family Counseling. He's just Pete to me.....but some people call him Dr. He runs a clinic and teaches at a university.
I spent yesterday working on a silly gift.
I started by designing an embroidery pattern. Thank you to the brilliant designers at Urban Threads. Isn't this feather gorgeous?! (For those of you who don't know, Virginia Tech's mascot is a Turkey....really)
Then I added some words - Hokie Pokey Clinic, The Place to Turn Yourself Around -
fabric border, and quilted it in swirls and "turkey tracks"
I finished it like an envelope, and bound it like a quilt so the corners would be square, and stuffed in a pillow form.
I'm not sure what Pete thought. He is kind of quiet and keeps things close to the chest. But I did get a snicker out of him.


carol fun said...

Oh my goodness- I think the pillow is a hoot! Funny stuff - and beautiful finishing. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!

Cindy said...

Thank you much. It was fun to make.