Saturday, February 28, 2015

February in My Rear View

It is always a sweet surprise to look back at a month and see all that I have accomplished, and recount all of the joyful moments. February 2015 does not disappoint.

I finally got my much awaited upgrades to my longarm.

Today at Tops to Treasures #todayattopstotreasures #upgrades #lindaselectricquilters

It was a bit of a messy process, but the staff from Linda's Electric Quilters of McKinney Texas were wonderful. I love my upgrades - new computer, complete with the latest version of Creative Studio, new wheels and rails, and hanger for my hardware to keep my floor nice and tidy.

Upgraded at at Tops to Treasures! Found out my table was holding out on me all these years. I got a couple inches more throat space. Hot dawg.

As messy as that upgrade was it had nothing on the upgrade to our wifi.  Oh my gosh what a circus. The wifi is faster and fairly awesome but it came at the cost of our land line phone.  For some reason the phone company thought that we didn't want it any more and turned it off. Then they told us they couldn't turn it back on and give us our number back. Then they could give it back, but it would cost us $100. Then they could wave the fee, and give us our number, but it would have to go through digitally and be added to our wifi...oh and they couldn't do it for a week. All of that to point out what a blessing the staff at Linda's Electric Quilters really is and to thank the people at ATT for the quiet week we had with no phone service. I should probably also thank ATT for the upgrade to our TV service....we now get even more channels with programming that we don't want to watch, but hey, we get all of them now.

My last baby is now a licensed driver.  No more car lines at school for me.  I seem to get a lot more work done, but I do miss my time with my boy. Even so, it is right that he should have the opportunity to learn and practice driving.

Just watched my last baby drive himself to school for the first time. It is a bitter sweet day....kind of like chocolate! 😃

I played a lot in February.  There were 6 different occasions where I took the time to spend time with friends new and old. Why in the world I haven't been doing this all along I have no idea. This too has been a huge blessing. I'm now enjoying myself while I piece quilts - a phenomenon that hasn't occurred in a very very long time.

Play date!  All caught up with The Women of the Bible BOM.

More blocks finished.
2013 Toes in the Sand BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop
(It was gifted to me for Christmas two years ago and I am just now playing with it.)

My oldest boy came home for a quick weekend. It was so fun to hug his big shoulders and stay up late (for me) talking with him.

Recently Added-188

We had a week of ice and snow - unusual for us, but it will bless the lakes and lawns when it melts eventually.....probably tomorrow....for today it is winter in Frisco.

All of that AND I quilted 13 quilts at Tops to Treasures. 

Feb 2015 at Tops to Treasures

How I fit all of that into 28 days is a mystery.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

January in my rear view....

January always seems so bleak after the warmth and fun of the holidays. The parties are over. The trimmings put away. Life goes back to normal....mostly.

My boys didn't have to go back to school until later in the month. (Hot dawg!) so the first weeks of the month were filled with them.  We learned a new game, and spent a lot of time hanging out by the fire watching movies.

Settlers of Catan

Eventually, they all had to go back to school.  It is a good thing, for all of us.  I can't wait to have them all home again in June.

January is traditionally a very slow month for me work wise.  I only did 6 quilts at Tops to Treasures.

January 2015 at Tops to Treasures

They were punctuated by my participation in the Schnitzle & Boo Instagram Swap.  What a hoot.  I love the little quilt that I received.
Hexi soap! And a Hexi quilt! and CHOCOLATE!  Can you say Awesome?!  #makeaquiltmakeafriend #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap

And was pleased with the package that I sent out, as was it's recipient.

The whole package!  Now to bundle it up and put it in the post. #makeaquiltmakeafriend #schnitzelandboomimiquiltswap

The most exciting happenings all involved a new group of friends at church.


A couple of us thought it would be fun to have a sit-n-sew with our Sister's in Christ.  We hoped that two or three ladies would join us....we had 25! Most of those sweet ladies have never sewn before, at all.  I find myself helping to teach a new generation of quilters.  What a kick.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.