Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March in My Rearview

I can not believe it is April already. I'd love to go where ever it is that time goes when it flies. Then I could sit and savor each moment all over again.

This year my boys all had spring break during a different week of the month.  I had three weeks in a row of spring break...each with a different son. As you can imagine, each week was as different as the boy! Each one was glorious!

I got to go to the Dallas Quilt Show. I really need to write a post about it.  For now I'll share a picture of my favorite quilt.


I spent many happy hours "playing" with my quilty friends.  Another post I should write...I've started a group of quilters at church. Oh my, it is a loaves and fishes sort of story.

Fun sew day with Mom. #todayattopstotreasures

Woman of the Bible blocks 10 , 11, and 12

And I quilted 12 quilts for customers and friends.

March 2015 at Tops to Treasures

All of this pales when compared to the events that happened on the first Easter weekend. God made a way for all of the things that keep us separated from Him to be tossed aside. It no longer matters that we fall short of the mark.  We are too fat, too slow, work-a-holic, obsessed with ourselves, slow to help others, and quick to grab what we think we must have at the expense of those around us....and that doesn't matter one whit. He made a way. Our imperfect selves are welcome in his kingdom because of the work that Jesus did on the cross. All we have to do is accept his works on our behalf.

May this Easter be a time of blessing and remembrance for you....and if you haven't already accepted his free gift I pray that your heart will be open to it now. Easter would be a perfect time to become a believer.