Friday, April 20, 2012

So much has been going on lately, it seems like I hardly catch my breath and something else needs attending to.  So, right this minute I am taking a moment to breath.





That feels so much better. 

Great stuff has been happening!

Lets see.....

Have I shared this with you?  I won it over at Sandra Kaye Designs.  This lovely is about the size of a postcard...and not quite as bright as the picture makes it seem. 

And I got my birthday quilt finished.  It looks so good.  Like I spent hours and hours cutting out tiny blocks and sewing them back together.

He, he, he, gotta love panels!  I've heard them called "cheater cloth" and I've heard them called "convenience quilts".  Either way they are tons of fun.

AND I love my little label.  I got the bunny from Urban Threads.

I've got some exciting things brewing over here...including a nice bit of drought...some of you will know what I'm talking about...lets just say that the water restrictions ought to be lifted any day now.

Boy #2 should get his driver's licence on Monday.  Oh dear.  Today was my "last" day of driving the Mom taxi for him.  I will miss our conversations.  I'll have to start baking cookies to trap him with at the end of the day...make him stop and visit.

Boy #3 starts his High School career in a few weeks.  No, he hasn't jumped ahead a term.  He has gotten accepted into the Athletic Training program at the HS and gets to participate in Spring Football.  It will be good for him.

Still haven't gotten my Patchwork Party block sewn together.  I can't believe it.  The pieces are sitting on the table right behind me glowering...if looks could kill I'd be dead from blood loss.

One more picture before I go....

My damaged boy receiving CPR from a wee bit of a dog.  "Cute Puppy Rehab" will help fix anything.  Noah says so!  You can see a bit of the purple cast in the corner....

I asked him if having two heads will help keep him from getting hurt.  Give him more grey cells to think before he jumps into things.  His response....."Naw, it just helps me think of dumb stuff to do twice as fast."

Have a great weekend!


carol fun said...

Love the birthday quilt! So pretty and your quilting is wonderful! As for your boys - boys will be boys- wont't they? And it can try a mother's soul. I love the response about "thinking up dumb stuff to do twice are fast" - so true! Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

Thank you Carol. Now all we have to do is keep him away from caffene, else he will be doing dumb stuff in triple time. Lol

Sana Saroti said...

How did I miss saying "Happy Birthday" on the 10th? I hope you had a great one! My moms b-day is next Saturday! I had no idea the water restrictions might be lifted! Love your little label and cute pic of your son and the puppy! Is it his puppy?

Lynne said...

Sorry, I had to chuckle at his reply!