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Monday, March 11, 2013

Covert Robin

the covert robin button

I am so behind on my throws you a curve sometimes....some of them are even good...but they throw you off track none the less. 

The Covert Robin is a mystery gift exchange sponsored by Rachel at Imagine gnats.  Sign ups are closed now...but I did some shopping while I was at the Dallas Quilt Show.
Camera Roll-138

I just need to make it and pop it in the post before March 31.  No worries right?!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February in my rearview mirror

I can't believe the month is already drawing to a close.  2013 is 1/6th finished, and Spring is knocking on my door.  Tomorrow I am packing for a quilting retreat and doubt I will get a chance to sit and reflect, so you are getting my monthly review a day early.  I hope you are as delighted and surprised by these few accomplishments as I am. 

I got caught up with some of my bee blocks - these were for Star of Africa.

Tacky the Penguin went to NickyShe for her international children's book quilt;
Tacky finished!

the Rainbow Hare  is making a butterfly quilt;
Texas Butterfly

and Sana is making a "Home is Where the Heart is" quilt.
Home is Where The Heart Is...Texas

Now I am only a month and a half behind.  LOL

It was a good month for swapping too.  I finished three, all of them via Flickr.

"Playing with Posey" went to Angela Nussbaum in DSQ13.
Playing with Posy

"Birds on a Vine" went to xxxxx, well I can't tell you who it went to because she hasn't gotten it yet, but she will soon.  It was my make for FLiRTS.

Birds on a Vine

"Drifting Dresden's" was my contribution to Little Quilts - Sew, Vote, Swap

Drifting Dresdens

I received three amazing packages in return.

"Amazing Aspens" collection of goodies came to me from Dorylu via DSQ13.
All of it.

This stunning pillow and pouches came from BeachGirl Sews via FLiRTs

FLiRTS Received!

"Dresden Rising" came to me from Jyllybean via Little Quilts - Sew, Vote, Swap.

Little Quilt- Sew, Vote, Swap Received

And then there was work to be done...

Quilty Friends

Calendar Quilt

And a little play
Aspen Experiment


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It started out painfully...

I got a new perminant crown yesterday.

It shouldn't have been a big deal, and I guess it really wasn't; however as the dentist reached in my mouth to pull out the temporary one all I could think of was the scene from Les Miserable's where they steel the poor girls teeth.  It went down hill from there.

Every time he put the perminant one in and took it out electric tingles worked their way into my sinus cavity.  It was like chewing on aluminum the time I got done my mouth was one big mass of sensitivity. 

I was assured that it looked pretty - but I wasn't sure that it was worth the effort.

I spent the rest of the day doing laudry (so that I wouldn't feel guilty when I go on a quilting retreat at the end of the week) and cleaning out 15 years of accumulation from my middle son's room.  (He didn't really need all of those old clothes and shoes.

I finally ate lunch at 3:00.


Little Quilt- Sew, Vote, Swap Received
Received from Jyllybean via Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap on Flickr
Little Quilt- Sew, Vote, Swap Received
Funny thing is she made it after seeing my entry that also had drifting Dresdon plates on it.
Little Quilt- Sew, Vote, Swap Received
Isn't the little pin cushion cute.  LOVE IT!!
FLiRTS Received!
Goodies received from Beachgirl Sews via Fab Little Random Treasures Swap (FLiRTS) on Flickr. Yes, the pillow is that gorgeous.  The two little pouches are too
FLiRTS Received!
She made the back of the pillow more "boy friendly" - although they are NOT going to get this one. 
FLiRTS Received!
The pouches close up.   The quilting on these is awesome.


I got a check in the mail from one of my customers.  I agreed to do a bunch of work for her with the understanding that she would pay me when she could.  The check was $114 more than she owed me.  I guess she is paying me in advance now.  (I did check with her about that and it is her intention.  Can't wait to see the wonderful quilts she brings to me.)

The day wasn't so bad after all.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DQS13 Top Done

DQS13 top done

Just finished the top....and I have to say I am a little disappointed.  It isn't quite square...that is to say it wonks to one side.  I'm wondering if I could block it to fix the problem.  Have any of you ever done that?

How do you think it should be quilted?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November In my review window....

I woke up this morning and the calender said it is December 1.  The first day to open a little door on the advent calender!!

The thermometer says it is 74 degrees outside, headed to 77 with lots of wind and humidity.  No rain, just dampness.  So I am dressed in shorts and a t-shirt listening to Christmas carols.  No matter how long I live in Texas, I don't think I will ever get used to this; but, live here I do, and I'm not planing on moving any time soon. 

Anyone have some warm weather holiday traditions I can borrow?!

November in my rear view window looks like this....

Tops to Treasures, the business did a whomping 8 quilts for customers.

Tops to Treasures, the designer, produced three new quilts,  and finished a silly knit wash clothe...pattern found on Ravelry.
( Look for directions for quilt on the bottom left on Moda Bakeshop later this month.)

I received two darling little quilts by participating in the Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap on Flickr.

American Gothic a la Amy Bradley

Berries & Chocolate

These are the two that I sent.
I am still waiting for my Fab Little Pincushion to arrive from my partner.  It must be traveling a very long ways.  However, I received the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday.

Checkered Pincushion

Isn't it wonderful?!    Thank you Carol of Mamacjt  fame.  You are a treasure!  This pinnie is huge!!  I am confident that my new helper will not be able to carry it off.

Jack in a box

Lily's Quilts

Thursday, November 29, 2012

While I wait....

Sweet Pinnie from CASharp
I am participating in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap - FLiPS - on Flickr.  Some weeks ago I sent my creation off to it's new home.
Now I am waiting for the one made for me to get here.

While I am waiting, I am dreaming about what it might look like.  Here are some images that have captured my imagination.

Pin Cushion, Halloween Dog Parade 2011, Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York City
I hope my partner has sized this for my Great Dane/Pyrenees Pup!!

little waves pin cushion

Yellow Angry Birds handmade felt plush Pin Cushion
I'd have to throw one like this.
Penny - Pinnieasaurus
Cool huh?!
My kind of burger!!
Truck Pincushion
Love this....maybe with an evergreen in the back.
Halloween Mummy Cat Pincushion Kitty-Hotep
LOL!  My kitten keeps steeling my pins....really.
Pin Cushion Love.

I'll let you know how it turns out....any day now.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pin, pin, pin

You know my penchant for on line swapping....

well, now I am participating in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap....FLiPS.

And I can't quite get in the groove.

What do you think of these offerings

Thursday, September 6, 2012


All ready for my secret swap partner.

I have a few weeks before I can mail it...during that time I need to come up with a name for the quilt and make a label. Any suggestion?

The little birds are movable. The nest is a big pocket so the fledglings stay put rather nicely. The birds that are perched on branches are safety pinned from the back of the quilt.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Mr Postman.....I think I love you!

A free can of cat food, voter registration cards, a giant polka dotted package....hmmm...which do I love most?

Notice which object has been moved.

Eeek! Tiny wooden spools in a purple pouch. Adorable.

Very cool log cabin-esque quilty....

made just for this space by JGmehlin as part of the March/April 2012 STUD swap themed "For a place."

It looks fantastic.

But oh, there is more! Sweet Julie couldn't decide which space she wanted to make a quilt for. (Yes,my home needs a lot of help in the decor department.). So, she made two. Lucky me!

Notice the cat food is still untouched.


I call that perfection. What do you think?

She sent scraps too...and look at that gorgeous card!

Thank you Ms Julie. You, as always, are one awesome partner.