Sunday, March 18, 2012

That is some kind of record..

I finished the new quilt last night. I don't think one has ever gone together so "seamlessly". Lol.

I know that having my dh cut pieces and keep them all in order helped. He said he was looking forward to reading to me while I sewed, but it never got to the point where he was job free. We finished this project in two days.

I didn't expect to have it all bound and labeled before my boy went back to school. But I did.

Even so, he decided that he would rather we mail it to his prof than hand deliver it. I don't mind. I even understand his reasoning a little.

We all helped pack the car....even the cat.

So....Noah is back to school. He left about an hour ago....and has a six hour drive in questionable weather ahead of him. It was good to see him. I didn't want to let him go.....ever. Any advise on how to do it without a piece of your heart dying? As excited as I am for the young man, I miss my little boy.

Button was interested in taking the trip....

but we rescued her before he left.

The other two boys head back to school tomorrow. Today, they have a few hours left of holiday. Ben is off playing baseball with his dad. John is killing trolls or some such in an online game. I'm sitting in a quiet livingroom listening to the wind play in our chimney and wondering if we will get the promised rain. The grass would like it.

I hope your weekend has been similarly blessed.


Sana Saroti said...

Dnt be too sad! You and your husband did an amazing job!

Carla said...

Your quilt is lovely.

Highland Monkey's said...

Brilliant quilts.

carol fun said...

Great looking quilt! Love the red! And I don't know that it ever gets easier seeing them drive away. I'm so happy my oldest moved back home after college and with his job I know he's not leaving the state - and that makes me happy! Take a little break tonight - you deserve it!

Christine L said...

Wonderful Job on the Quilt! How Exciting for your boys to start the adventures in life! BE PROUD! Hugs!!

Cindy said...

LOVE the quilt! And I do know how you're feeling about your son. It's so exciting to see them grow up and become adults, but the void that happens in your heart when they aren't at home anymore is so overwhelming. Truly the only thing that helps is time and prayer. And knowing you did your best to raise healthy, contributing members of society is a great gift!

Lynne said...

Wow! A husband who does the cutting for you! Though I can't complain, mine is very helpful.