Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh what a lovely day

Yesterday was the nicest day I've had in a very long time. It was even better than having all of my boys home.

My dear husband took the day off to spend with me. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. In itself, that is a little mind warping. When did that much time pass? I really can't remember it happening. They say that is one of the first signs of aging. I believe it.

After we got the kids to school we went out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast...always have. It is way better than dinning out for dinner. By dinner time I'm tired and just want to be cozy. While we were eating he, yes HE, suggested that we check out the local quilt shops. We could go spend the gift certificate I won at guild on Tuesday night. BUT we were just there a few weeks ago. When I suggested that we amble further afield he was game. We ambled Oklahoma. That sounds like a long way to go....but it is only an hour north. We visited three quilt shops...all new to me...all wonderful.

I found the fabric I wanted for this. I can't wait to make it....for me....with a new name for the pattern.
When we got time to pick the guys up from school...I snuggled under this...
Yup...I quilted it for my a paying customer to Tops to Treasures....I had watched her making it for years and always thought it looked like Cherry Pie with vanilla ice cream. When I finished quilting it,I teased her about willing it to me. Instead she gave it to Gilbert and I as an anniversary gift. I'll take a better picture of it when the sun comes out.

I opened the mail and was greeted.... this funny face, and a lovey bunch of goodies from Nicky at Mrs. Sew & Sow Loves to Create.
She told me she was sending the mini....a celebration give away to commemorate her 1 year birthday in blog land. She didn't tell me about the rest of the swag. Oh my. The fabric scraps are gorgeous, soft, delicate, oh so pretty, Liberty of London. I've never seen fabric like this before. What comes of living in the "Wild West" I guess. The bright blue circle is a coaster commemorating the Queen's Jubilee. (My cup of tea is resting on it now. Iced is still tea. Now I just need some biscuits.....would a Twinkies work?)

Thank you Nicky! You were the icing on my lovely day.


Nicky said...

Glad you like it! Happy to share a bit of Liberty love!

Great quilt but what fabric did you go for?

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful quilt your Mom presented to you! Love the one you are going to make!

Lynne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - and what a great gift from your mum.