Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just piddlin'

It is spring break. The boys are home, actually, they are in and out at odd hours, but they are mostly home. Gilbert took the week off.

Yesterday we took my baby to be groomed. We took her in the little truck.

It was a little bit snug.

But the de-fluffing was totally worth the trip.

Between loads of laundry and visiting with kids I finished this today

It is the Bluebird of Scrappiness! He, he, he. He loves a quilters stash habitat, noshing on fabric worms is his favorite thing, AND he doesn't mind a little acupuncture now and again.

I also put together this mini top. I used bits from a charm pack of Salt Air from Moda. The pattern is a result of trying to remember a Japanese Cross block...and not quite getting it. I guess you could call it a "Not Quite Japanese Cross.

I'm playing with ideas for a quilt for my son's favorite professor. This is the man responsible for the amazing scholarship program that my boy gets to participate in. Evidently, he has a colorful way of speaking. Noah regularly Tweets "#Shit Doc Says", and tells me not to read them.

That in mind....I'm thinking he needs a quilt that implies those little marks we make when we don't want to actually print out what someone says. Visual bleeps. Check the out....

I started here. Howard's school colors are Red, Grey, and Black.


Then I tried it with scrappy blocks from Sweetwater's Reunion for Moda....but I lost the + signs.

This one moves the scrappiness to the big patches used to make the x's, keeps the + signs the same fabric throughout its construction, and adds the red centers. Again, I used Reunion for the scrappy fabric.

What do you think?


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Lynne said...

I like them all but it is hard to see the asterisks in them!