Monday, March 12, 2012

Fab Little Quilt Swap

I made this....

and sent it off to -------- someplace very far away early last week. It is still in transit as far as I know.

Saturday, completely having forgotten that I would receive a quilt as well, I got a package in the mail.

It was filled with sweet surprises. Have you ever eaten a Mountain? Chocolatey goodness....that you can't get where I live....which is a very good thing. My boys declared them deliscious.

Eeeeeek! Isn't this adorable?!

Karen did an amazing job.

Even the back tells a delightful story.

And....because I know she would want me to share this bit of silliness....which still has me blushing just a bit......

She made this for me too. I have to tell you a story.....

49 years ago a young couple was about to have a baby girl. As most couples do, they thought long and hard about what to name her. They finally settled on Cynthia Anne.

There is a neigh sayer in every crowd, and this family was no exception. Great, great grand-ma was not pleased. She was a very religious lady, had raised two children who became Christian missionaries, and adamant. "Cynthia" was no good. A name like that would eventually get shortened. "Cyn" was not the sort of name that a good Christian girl should have.

Poor, poor, grandma. My name did indeed get shortened. Many of my closest friends and family members call me Cyn. I even sign my name that way on occasion. And now this. Oh dear.

Thank you Karen for all of it! You are a great partner.



carol fun said...

Wonderful swap minis! Love them both- and the story about your naming is a hoot!

Kirie said...

Congrats on the great swap! I always love the quilting on your quilts.

Janine said...

Love the quilt you made and that's a fab package from Karen. Your story also made me smile :)

Christine L said...

How fun! And what a great story behind your name :) Too Cute.

Lynne said...

So you're not Cindy? What a great story. Poor Grandma.