Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steam, Boys, and Lots of Quilts

I was perfectly happy with my iron.  So much so that I didn't mind one bit toting it to retreats.  I have been using an Oslo - one of the ones that stays horizontal to the ironing board rather than sit upright.  This iron has been fantastic. Then I met ol' Reliable.  I had no idea there was such a thing as an iron that gave you a facial at the same time.  This thing puts out steam like Old Faithful, and has a swooshing noise that reminds me of the old Superman TV series.

I was using one of the ironing stations at retreat.  I couldn't manage a whole top on my Steady Betty and needed the bigger working surface.    I used the Velocity by Reliable all weekend and admired it each time I got up to use it.  I was even disappointed when someone else was hogging the station.  (The nerve.)

Sunday afternoon it followed me home.  Yes, it was very expensive, especially for an iron.  I probably could have purchased several, perfectly serviceable irons for the same price.  I wasn't even in the market.  This tool is that good.

Thank you to Laura Kay from Happiness Is Quilting for the introduction.

On another note.....I sat down to eat my lunch and my pocket whistled at me.  (That is the sound it makes when someone texts me.) ......

Weather permitting....I should have all three boys under one roof again in just a few hours....four to be more precise.  I'm so excited I could bust a seam.

I've got my shopping list all ready.  Not that I need much....1/4 yd of fabric to finish off a binding and some King Tut quilting thread.

I've convinced my dear husband to work from home so he can pick up the kids....although I guess Noah could do that too since he is going to be home.....oh yeah!  (Wouldn't it be cool if he came with me....not likely...but wouldn't it be wonderful?!)

I'm meeting Mom half way and then we are headed into the city together.

March has been a very lovely month so one pinch me....I don't want to wake up.


Lynne said...

I can so relate to your excitement! My DD will be here today for the first time in three weeks!

Blogger said...

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