Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Check this out!!

This is the quilt I am working on today.  It was pieced by Christy Luckinbill and left unfinished in a closet until she recently decided that she should have it quilted.

It measures 88" x 101" and is made up of thousands of 1" blocks....finishing to 1/2" squares that you see.

Each of those large "squares" of blocks has 81 little pieces in it and Christy did a phenomenal job of piecing it all together so it lays flat with no lumps, bumps, wavy borders, or hairy threads sticking through to the top.

Waldorf is quilting it in Anne Bright's Frenzy b2b.  I think this is a good choice...traditional yet not so fancy that you would be afraid to use the quilt or have to mortgage the house to pay for the quilting.

Had to share it with you. 


carol fun said...

Very pretty quilt - wow that is a lot of little bitty squares. I am in awe! Pretty quilting too!

Janine said...

This really is a stunning top - it's going to even more beautiful quilted :)

Lynne said...

Wow! she is a gifted piecer!

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Gosh, you can see the quality of the workmanship in this quilt, it really is beautiful.

Christine L said...

That is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it's complete! WOW!