Sunday, January 22, 2012

It could happen....

Last spring I signed up to do a round robin with the local quilt guild. There are seven of us in the group and we decided to. Move the tops every other month. Since then life has gotten in the way a couple of times. It happens.

This block is called Night Vision. I found it on an iPhone quilting app. Who'd a thought!

I decided to add a border of these blocks to the top I've been working on since last October. (Like I said, life has gotten in the way a couple of times.)

The blocks are about 10" finished. I needed to make 20 of them to complete the border.

I finally finished adding my borders in Saturday. I like the way the colors and shapes bring your eyes back to the center. Although now that I'm done I think it really needs something between my border and the one before it.

Maybe the next person can figure that out.

Now I'm on to the next one....

I've decided to repeat the border that is on point. Imagine a two inch cream colored border followed by two inches of the bright blue and two inches of cranberry ending with partial pinwheels on the corners. I'm hoping that this will reemphasize the bright contrast in the well as be a quick and easy border to add.

imaage created using EQ7

I would love to be able to pass both quilt tops on to the next person in the round robin on Tuesday (our next guild meeting.)

Wish me luck. Tomorrow is laundry day, and I need to cut/package kits for the next Quilty Friends BOM, and quilt a customer quilt.

It could happen.....right?

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