Thursday, January 12, 2012


I knew you were out there. And I am so very glad you are. Between your responses and my flurry of mopping we've shut the mouth of
Mr. Ugly. If only he were as cute as this.

I am amazed at how effective identifying the culprit was at turning the tide. I can't say that I mopped with the joy of Snow White with her woodland creatures, I most definitely did not sing, but I did feel much better afterward. had been so long since I last mopped that It took a moment to find the mop and bucket....then I discovered that I didn't have any soap and had to restratigize a bit. Good thing there are 101 ways to clean a floor.

I now feel my creative self beginning to percolate again....and it is all your fault.

Thank you!
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Lynne said...

Oh great - we should be blamed for more good things! Can't wait to see waht you get up to first!