Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Week...

The fashonistas have their week of hoop-la.  I suppose quilters do too.  There is definitely a surge of excitement over market.  If you are like me, and more of a hobby quilter than a professional you don't go to market.  You see new things in magazines, and at your local shops, and on some of the wonderful blogs that are available.  One of my favorite places to see what is new is the Hancock's of Paducah catalogue. 

Hancock's of Paducah is an online shop that produces a seasonal paper catalogue.  Their pages are filled with photographs of the latest offerings.  The best part?  The pages are literally filled - 3 x 5 two inch photos line each of the 166 some pages.  I can look at it for hours and see something new each time I pick it up.  The catalogue is also available on-line...very cool...check it out.  However, you can not view it on an Apple device.  It has something to do with the various software involved and I really think they need to work it out.  I'd love to view this on my Ipad.

Since I only have a little while - my #2 son went to school feeling poorly and I promised him that I would rescue him before football practice (ya - it isn't football season - and the sport is treated like a core subject class here in Texas - but that is another story.)  There isn't enough time to actually do much of anything so I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the new catalogue.

First off -  How absurd is this?!
"Where is my 'Stache?'" by Alexander Henry #AH 7567 A
I'd love to see a quilt featuring this fabric...just to see what can be done with it.  And have you notice?  Mustaches are all over the place in graphic art lately.  Can you tell me what the deal is?  I haven't seen them on faces, just in print and I'm sure there is some cultural significance to it but haven't a clue what it is.

Don't you think the mustaches need to be used with this?  Ooh-la-la the stories that quilt could tell!

Wine Glass Marks on the Tablecloth #TT 8374 CREAM

These next few were my favorites from my first peruse.

Wildflower Poppy Blooms Harvest #WP 4002 253

Wildflower Poppies Scroll Brown #44003 285

Wildflower Baroque Damask Harvest #44004 283
 Orange is not my favorite color.  I have nothing against it, it just isn't me.  However, that said, I love it.  It reminds me of my best friend, Kelli (you know who you are), and my Mom.  I don't think it is Mom's favorite color, but it always reminds me of her.  Orange is definitely big this season.

Orange Crush Merry Go Round Quilt #TT 8966 MGR QK

This quilt is offered using a line of fabric by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures called Orange Crush.  The catalogue page is practically aflame with bright orange, yellow, and pink....and very easy to locate as it glows!  My oldest niece is graduating from OSU in the spring.  Wouldn't it be fun to make this for her.  (Any volunteers?)

In the section at the back where all of the fun lives....that is fun that doesn't include strange mustaches...I found these delightful prints.  They are all part of "The Neighborhood" by Monica Lee for Timeless Treasures.

Neighborhood Pets & Fences #TT 8846 GREEN

Neighborhood Blue #TT 8845 BLUE

Neighborhood Cats and Shadows #TT 8850 WHITE

On a more dignified note....Communique by Graphic 45 takes up the trend of introducing type face, and vintage machine images in fabric.  I have no idea what I would do with it, but I have to say I like the whole line.  This quilt kit uses a bit of each of the fabrics.

Communique Quilt Kit #WP 85515 QK
More traditional still....

Red Velvet Dream #M PSD 407 QK

Designed by Geri Robinson this quilt showcases fabrics from the Papillon line by 3Sisters for Moda.

There is so much more to share.  Go!  Look on line.  Sign up for a free catalogue!  You'll be glad you did.

I'm sure there is something there for everyone.  Batiks, reproductions, modern trends, solids, Charlie Brown, Cat in the Hat (don't get me started...he is evil), kits, tools, and more.  One more before I go....

Musins Dreamy Vines Multi #ITB 6 MUS 1
Wouldn't this look fabulous as the background for a quilt made from bright solids?  Maybe something with big half square triangles.  I just might have to buy a bolt   few yards  bit.

I am in no way affiliated with Hancock's of Paducah, their vendors, or catalogue.  I have not been paid to voice my opinion.  I have purchased fabric from them in the past and found them to be a quality group to work with. 


Anonymous said...

The mustache thing probably has something to do with some combination of Movember and the Fingerstache meme. It's crazy fabric and I don't know what I would do with it but I kind of want to buy it just to have it and giggle.

Lynne said...

I agree; that last fabric is fabulous!

Cindy said...

Dear Anonymous - "I would do with it but I kind of want to buy it just to have it and giggle."

I love you!