Friday, January 20, 2012

After the rain....

Moda Felicity Tulip Stems in Stone Grey

This fabric has been haunting me since I saw it in the Hancock's of Paducah catalogue the other day.  It makes me think of the moments just after a rain storm when  you realize that things kept growing during the maelstrom.  It is dark and dripping, but the air is freshly scrubbed and you can smell the flowers breathing.

My beloved gave me an update to EQ6 for Christmas.  EQ7 is kind of like those moments after the rain.  It does everything that EQ6 did, but with more clarity.  It is a cinch to import images of fabric and then play with them virtually.

I added these to my pallet....

Robert Kaufman Fusions Green Ivy Tendril Vine

Moda Marbles Grey

Moda Felicity Garden Tonal Blooms Rose
along with some Kona white.

The results are this delightfully feminine quilt.

Did I tell you that I decorate in wrought iron and quilts?  Yup....they are hard to break.  Between the dogs and the boys  it seemed like the safest path to follow.  I suppose, being a quilt, this would fit right in.

Now that my boys are getting big I occasionally think about taking over their rooms.  You should see their faces when I talk about tearing down walls to make my sewing room bigger.  It is pretty big as it is (it has to be to hold my longarm) but it is short on wall space.  I'd love to knock down one of the walls to have room for a real table.

I know many of you sew in the dinning room, with little to no space for a special table for your sewing machine.  One of my other Christmas gifts was a portable sewing table.  The SewEzi table is compact, light weight, and has an insert that is fitted to particular machines.  For years I have shared sewing space with my work/cutting/laundry table.  I would cut a bit, put away all of my tools, then sew a bit.  Now I can leave it all up.  It will take a little getting used to, but I think I like it.  I can't wait to see how it works on my next quilt retreat.

Time to get back to my sewing....I have round robin to get finished before Tuesday.  Actually, I have two to get done, but I'm only going to aim for one.  More on that later.

Have a great weekend.

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Annie said...

I have a hard enough time processing photos so I just go right into frustration mode just thinking about trying to figure out how to design a quilt with a computer program! But I do think they look fun when others do them. That looks quite the handy portable table! I can't even imagine sewing temporarily at a dinning table and having to put it away all the time. We'd just have to give up eating at that table. Priorities you know.