Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What ya doin'?

 I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you.  

Isn't this funny?!  I went on an adventure with my Mom the other day and we stopped for lunch at a fancy tea room.  It was very cozy and intimate in the tiny shop.  I had to laugh at all of the ladies snuggled around the little tables.  I wondered how old they were and where Mom and I fit in the sampling of humanity.  Then my lunch arrived and I laughed out loud.  The sandwich was delicious...and the face unintentional.  You should have seen the looks I got.  It was a very small shop.  You couldn't help but hear what everyone was saying.  I think our waitress got a kick out of it, even if the other patrons didn't.  So much for taking me to a fancy luncheon.

I've been working on getting ready for a mystery quilt event with my guild.  It is this Saturday.  I have my pieces cut, and much of the pre-sewing done.  I have 70 hsts to go.  BUT my little Jenome froze up today.  It won't do a thing but sit and flash error messages at me.  Poor little thing.  I'll have to carve out some time to take it to the shop.  Major bummer with the sew day coming up and retreat at the end of the month.  Fortunately, I do have another machine that I can press into service.  It works just fine, but is heavier to carry.  

So, before I could start on the new Mystery Quilt, I had to finish the last one.  

 All I had left to do was quilt it.

 Then bind it.  Miss Kitty, a.k.a. Button thought it was a good place to roll around.

Baby brother, a.k.a Took, wanted to know why she thought she should have such a pretty spot all to herself.


 She let him have more ways than one.


 All finished.

 And the extra block took a trip through the embroidery machine to become this nifty label.

FYI the fabric line I used last time is Bliss by Moda.  I adore the white floral background.  It is so fresh and springy.  This quilt makes me grin every time I pass it on the landing.  

 What have you been up to?


Lynne said...

I'm working on a project for Older Grandson's second birthday but I can't talk about it because DD reads my blog!

M-R said...

It's beautiful! Very cool fabric combination, Cindy! Congrats on a great finish!