Friday, January 27, 2012

A Stitch in Color

Have you seen these fabrics?  Oh my they are scrumptious.

I bought a charm pack while I was out last week.  I have no plans for it...other than to sit and pat it, and feed it, and call it George.  Maybe if I am very attentive it will multiply.

I'm working today.  Hmmm, let me see.....

Wow, that photo doesn't look very good...kind of I'm feeling today.  Since Waldorf does all, or at least most of, the work I have time to play.  So, play I have.

Enter United Notions and their fantastic download of images, and EQ7

I think I like this one.

Ooh, Waldorf is calling.  Back to work I go.....


Lynne said...

You call that work? LOL
Fingers crossed that DD and I will get to the quilting frame today!

M-R said...

That is a cool combination of colours, Cindy. The red gives it some great punch! Thanks for sharing it!