Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho, .....

Isn't this a lovey quilt top? It was pieced by Carol Bradley, my most prolific customer, bestest buddy, and Mom. It would look wonderful in my bedroom or living room, but I don't think that is where she intends to store it. (rats!)

Today was her turn, or rather her quilt tops turn on the long arm. At this very moment I am working on row the last. Yahoo! (And yes, I can quilt and type at the same time because Waldorf is computer driven. Awesome!)

It is quilted in Deb Geisler's Field of Wheat pattern.

She will be soooo excited to have her quilt at long last. Unfortunately the title of best buddy, and Mom puts her near the bottom of the customer service priority list. (Sorry Mom. Thanks for loving me anyway.)

Other than working on this, my day hasn't been all that exciting. It is dark and rainy today. Not a happy thing for my Bassett Hound friend. Hope HATES any water that isn't in her water bowl. That said, it has been a good day. The rain stopped. Hope noticed. She just came and asked to be let out.

Good dog!

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Lynne said...

It certainly looks lovely!