Thursday, August 18, 2011

God's Timing...DQS11

It has been a really long summer....and terribly short.

Last May, just a week or so before my oldest graduated from high school, I started a diet program. I didn't want to tell any one. Maybe I didn't want to have to admit out loud that I was so overweight. Maybe I thought that if no one knew, than there would be less pressures to succeed. There is nothing more irritating than someone constantly reminding you that you are on a diet. I can't tell you why I did it. I don't really know. It wasn't a bad idea, just kind of random.

Not very long after I started I was visiting with a friend and told her that my baby factory had closed. Meno-pause came and lingered and left. My first baby is headed off to college. My last baby just turned 13. It was time to remodel the structure for whatever was to come next. I'm hoping for something sleek and colorful and fun.

As of yesterday morning I've lost 35 pounds. It is very hard for me to grasp weights and measures of human flesh. (That sounds really weird.). Really, I know how much I weigh, but when I look at people who supposedly weigh the same they seem huge. Years ago Gilbert and I taught Sunday school to three year old. Our room had a sort of Dutch door that required us to lift the kids up and over to bring them into the room. That experience taught me that people are not all made the same. Some are feathers - we would lift the kids and nearly throw them across the room for the lack of gravity's hold on their little bodies - some are bricks. I think I must be a brick.

My clothes are just now getting to the point where they are uncomfortably large, so today, after finished quilting and binding my partners mini for DQS11, I decided to treat myself to some clothes that fit. I couldn't find a thing! I found really big clothes - you could have fit two of the old me in them. I found clothes that would fit a twig - my legs are more like trunks than twigs. I am too big to be small and to small to be big. Talk about discouraging. Maybe I just dreamed those 35 pounds were gone. So I went my boys dirty lunch dishes littering the kitchen, and living room. Sigh.

And then God stepped in.

Outside my front door, sitting on the stoop was a package. It was addressed to me. This is what I found inside!

My day took a drastic turn for the better! This is the quilt made for me in the DQS11 swap! It came wrapped in the beautiful bag with the happy, bright charm squares. AWESOME! My partner is "the bomb!"

Thank you Marilyn, and God!


Lynne said...

Oh, how wonderful. What a delightful delivery!

Congratulations on your weight loss - I think it's wonderful.

God is good!

Amorette said...

what a great uplifting end to your story! thanks for sharing. and excellent work on your weight loss and treating yourself to new clothes.