Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quilt Plano 2011...part 2

The quilting on this one is amazing, but what drew me to it is the color....and that one blue pumpkin.

I can't imagine making this quilt, but I knew my blogging/flicker friends would love it.

I couldn't resist this incredible owl. His feathers called out to be stoked and pet, they swayed in the breezes created as people passed by...but I resisted. The best I could do is take his picture to share.

I visited with Sandy last night. Tom is hand embroidered with chenille and feathers. His eyes are antique buttons. Sandy is in the process of opening a retreat house north of Anna, Texas. Tom will be there to great visiting quilters.

I went to the quilt show with my Mom. We go on lots of adventures together. This time I found out that I like birds...Mom told me so. As I thought about it I decided she was right. Pictures of fat little birds make me happy inside. I hope you like this one too.

It was a great show. I hope you enjoyed visiting some of it with me,

Until next time,


Toni said...

Those quilts are amazing!

Lynne said...

Lovely quilts, thanks for sharing.

Like you, I can't imagine making that "Bellisimo" quilt but it's lovely to look at.

And the owl is so cute!