Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Latest Creations for STUD

Three cheers for the postal service.....they so often get a bad rap. We need to praise them when they do well. The packages I mailed on Friday arrived at their destinations Monday.
STUD for July/August 2011 I signed up for both swaps and received two awesome partners.
"Anything Goes" - for this swap I created "Frog Legs" for PecksPieces. The mini started out as a trial balloon for my DSQ11 partner.
I was down to deciding what the borders needed to be. I was debating between a deep red and a dark green skinny border followed by a wider, fussy cut floral border.
It wasn't working for me. Neither red nor green thrilled me as much as the awesome center blocks.
Then, I found pink frog fabric on sale at The Fort Worth Fabric Studio and the quilt instantly declared it's desire to belong to Marjory.
(The Fort Worth Fabric Studio is a wonderful new on-line shop. Check them out at I'd love to imbed the link for you...but I haven't figured out how.
This little quilt is quilted in "Froggin'" by Anne Bright. If you look closely you can see quilted pink frogs up to all sorts of antics in the quilting.

Themed Swap
When "Repeated Shapes Rainbow" was selected as the theme for July/August, I thought of these images....
The theme doesn't leave much room for personal tastes. I suppose that you might have a preference for pieced quilted over fused or appliqué. My partner, Fun & Comfort Quilts, seems to like the same things I do, so I wasn't worried.
My sweet husband had just purchased an Accuquilt Go for me...soooo, I had to try it out. Using the tear drop cutter and some heat and bond I cut out a handful of yummy rainbow droplets.
I figured out that I had to cut another handful with the fabric upside down so that I would have some for each side of the wreath. I tried several arrangements and landed on a circle of hearts.
Then I had to decide how to quilt it, with so much white space the quilting makes a huge impact. My hand wasn't healthy enough, yet, to do hand quilting. I finally landed on custom quilting using the incredible computerized features of my big machine.
And I had tear drops left over.....
So I had to use them...don't you think?! In the end I couldn't decide which side was the front.

The youth in our community use the expression, "we're double rainbow all the way," to mean its all good. (It comes from a ridiculous viral video you can find on you tube.). I couldn't help but think about it as I was making this that's what I named it. "Double Rainbow All the Way."


Maria Spiller said...

Love the fabrics and colours especially the rainbows. I might have to ask Santa for an Accuquilt Go!

Cajame said...

Loving the bright colours - looks great.

Lynne said...

I love them both - the froggy fabric was an inspired choice; and the rainbow teardrop hearts - wow!

Toni said...

I can't believe how perfect that frog fabric is for your blocks. Looks fabulous! Froggy quilting is impressive!