Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm still here

It has been a very emotional week around my house.  I haven't gotten much work done.  I have to tell you, I miss it.  I love those moments when I am "in the zone."  Time flies while my head is down and my thoughts are buzzing about the next step.  I get a huge kick out of sharing those creative moments, or the results of them, with my friends.

DSQ10 Finished Quilt - Front
 Yesterday I managed to finish my DSQ10 quilt.  I think I'm going to name it "Anticipation" in honor of my partner.  In a way DSQ10 is all about creatively waiting - waiting to see who you will be paired up with, waiting for inspiration, waiting to see if they will respond to your postings, waiting to see if they like it, waiting to see what was made for you.  Anticipation seems like the perfect name.  I wonder if she will read this post....

Dear partner - if you are reading this post bells should be going off in your head right now.  You can trust them. 

....I'm back again.  I had great fun making this quilt.  It doesn't quite suit me - I like less sophisticated colors, rainbows and butterflies and smiling children.  This quilt seems dreamier than that - raspberries and apricots on a foggy morning by the river, a place where the edges blur but the flavors do not.

DSQ10 Finished - back

The back is closer to my tastes.  There is more going on here.  Even though the composition is simpler, there is more room for motion to become a factor.

I had planned to use the patterned fabric, one of my favorites from the collection, for the whole back and leave it at that.  Unfortunately, I failed to order enough of it.    Partnering it with the grey didn't work for me - it seemed like an "also ran".  Adding the fluffed circles made me smile.  They seem to be playing a game with each other, bouncing off of the sides, crossing the curly waste land, beating each other to the punch.  I hope it works for my partner too.

I love the way the quilting pattern mimics the curls in the fabric.  That was my plan...but you never know how that is going to work out.  I'm pleased as punch.

My goal today is to finish my leg for this round robin.  I'm already a month late and I have the next leg sitting in a box in the corner waiting for me.

My plan is to complete the large square being formed by these five blocks.  How hard could that be?!  Don't tell me, I don't want to know.

I've got it drawn out...I've started working on the math....I've been putting it off.

It's time to just jump in and get it done.

I'll post a picture to show you how it went....

Have a great day!!

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