Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm not ADD, I'm multi--tasking!

How quickly we get used to new toys...
My sweet husband gave me a new computer for Christmas.  You should see it.  It is like a big flat screen television with a touch screen.  Amazing.  The key board and mouse are wireless.  I can sit across the room and still work on it.  I am really enjoying this thoughtful gift.  However, yesterday it decided that it doesn't want to talk with our network.  It's like a toddler who has decided not to eat.  No matter what I try it won't play nice, sooooo today, I writing on my old computer.  It is very nice, but 4 or 5 years old.  The screen here is fairly big too, but only 1/3 the size of the new one.  And I'm thinking, humph, not the same.  Oh well.  Gilbert will figure it out.  He always does.

Fighting the moody Wednesdays....
It's laundry day again - oh boy - and it's rainy out - and no one is home but me...and the critters.  I've picked the brightest quilt in the queue to work on.

Faux Strings pieced by Oliva Bussey
Don't you love the way the strings escaped into the border!  I didn't notice this until I mounted it on the table.  Oliva - you hit a home run with this one!!

My favorite load...not...
I had to stop quilting and writing for just a minute to move the laundry.  You know how that goes.  And now I'm folding socks and undies and wondering how in the world my family wears their clothes out the way they do.  Really, how do you blow out the seat of your boxers?  And then there is the fact that we are a family of 5 and there are only 4 piles.  What has the 4th boy been wearing under his basketball shorts?  Do I really want to know?!  Do you want me to tell you, if I ever find out?  These are the things that consume my thoughts.

Back to quilting...
For the rest of the day, in between customer quilting, laundry, and taxi service for my boys, I'm going to work on my Mystery Quilt.  Last Saturday I spent the day with 30 or so other quilters from our local guild.  We had all signed up a few months ago and were set up and ready to sew at 8:30 in the morning - a good 30 minutes before the event was scheduled to start.  As the day progressed we were given instructions on what to do with the pieces we had assembled before hand.  By the end of the day we were all fairly close to finishing the central section of our new quilts.

FQG 2011 Mystery Quilt featuring Bliss by Moda

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