Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy thoughts....

It's snowing out and I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.  It's snowing out and I don't care, my fabric came today!!!

Out side it is North Texas...where the winters are "mild" and most of us don't own coats.  The current temperature is 16 degrees F, and that doesn't include the wind chill.  School is closed again today - the fifth time it has been closed due to the weather in less than a week - in a land where it is almost unheard of to close the schools.  AND I don't care.

Pieced by Kay Moulder

During the break in the weather the mail was delivered.  I got the lovely thread I've been waiting for.  It's called Spring Bud.  I'm using it at this very moment to quilt this quilt.
This quilt belongs to my friend Kay Moulder.  She is making it for her granddaughter who is graduating to a big bed.  Does it get any sweeter than this?  The fabric is bright and cheery and sings "It's Spring Forever!"  I'm quilting it using Spring Bud - a green that is just what you would expect from the name - in Kim Diamond's Simply Paisley design. 

Check out that giant hot pink rick rack!!  Oh yes!!  It's snowing out and I don't care!!!

Sunkissed by Sweetwater for moda

The mail man also delivered my fabric for DSQ10.   Yum!  I can't wait to dive in.

There is no way the winter gloomies are going to get me today.  I'm sun kissed and playing in the spring flowers.

I hope your day is equally cheerful!

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