Tuesday, February 1, 2011


DSQ10 sounds so ominous, like MI5 or 007.  I imagine that there are some that would equate it with 911.  Truth is it is none of those things.

What is it
DSQ10 is the tenth round of a Doll Quilt Swap.  A game with over 200 participants and 600 members played by a group of people that extend the breadth and length of the globe.  DQS10 is hosted by Flickr and can be found among it's groups at .  The point is to create a small quilt, no smaller than 12x12 and no bigger than 24x24, that will delight it's recipient.  The catch - you are not allowed to talk to or otherwise communicate with the recipient.  This swap is blind. 

The mosaic I made for my partner
 Follow the clues
Players are not totally without resources in their quest.  This flickr group is very active.  You can post questions and pictures converse with the other swappers and members of the group.  Hopefully you get to chat with your partner - you just can't let on that they're your partner.  Participants are required to be active members of the Flickr community.  That means they have to have pictures posted - pictures of their work or work they admire.   They are strongly encouraged to compile a photo mosaic of inspiration for their undisclosed partners.  Additional helps might be links to places they frequent or a blog or some other more personal outlet.  This is where it might be advantageous to have some 007 or MI5 in your background.  If you don't it's no matter.  Quilters are generous and gracious people.  Most love what you make for them because they know what it means to make and present a gift.

The pay off
Quilt made for me in DSQ9 by Mamamary

When all is said and done, when lurking and stalking are finished, designs and fabric choices made it is a joy to sit back and see what happens.  Some players spot their quilts right off.  Maybe it is love at first sight - when that silent bell rings that tells you that something special is happening and you form a connection with what was meant for you all along.  Some players love it all - I think maybe that accounts for most of us.  And some players are totally surprised by what they receive.  I know I was in DSQ9.  I had no idea that the lovely quilt I received was intended for me.  My partner struck a chord that rang deep and true, one that I had no idea existed.

The thrill of receiving the "perfect" quilt is amazing, jaw dropping, leave you speechless thrilling.  However, the joy of hitting the ball out of the park for your partner is even better.  To do that you have to step up to the plate.

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Mary Perrine said...

Aww I am so glad you like it so. I almost kept I loved it too. I lurking.. that you loved southwest landscapes and rich colors. especially the reds and yellows. I also read that you had gone to college in NM ... so off I went and we had just traveled through Albuquerque so I had seen many sunsets. I love trying something new and this was my first landscape.It has a good home :)