Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh my...

They were right this time...

View from my laundry room

Living in Texas for the past 34 years I've gained a huge respect for the local weather men.  Not so much because of their brilliant insights into the weather, but because it takes guts to do what they do.  These men and women stand before the public eye and prognosticate day in and day out with a very slim record of accuracy.  It isn't their fault - not really.  Where we live it is a matter of which wind is strongest, or fastest.  Does the Arctic blast beat out the tropical breezes?  When they meet which one will dominate?  Will one of them stall out before it gets here?  Yes, it takes a lot of nerve to stand up and attempt to predict what is going to happen.  Today they got it right.

View from my "studio"
 For several days now they have been telling us that a big winter storm was coming.  For my friends in the North, winter storm means anything from freezing rain, ya - you wake up and everything is covered in slick ice, to sleet and snow.  Sometimes it all happens in rapid succession.  Driving in it isn't as simple as driving in the snow.  You can't throw some chains on your car and forge ahead.  I'm the first to admit that Texans are particularly poor at driving in this stuff, but I've yet to meet anyone who is particularly good at it.  What appears to be fluffy snow could very well be just that, or not.  More often it is a wicked ice and snow lasagna waiting for an unsuspecting traveler.  When these storms hit, people stay home.   Today I am blessed to have all of my family about me. (Thank You God!)

My husband is in the middle of a meeting - video conferencing rocks, even when it is only audio and you turn the clock chimes off so that it doesn't disrupt.  He is safe at home, working from the kitchen.

Number 1 son is still asleep - what else would an 18 year old be expected to do on a grey morning?  In a little while he will wake up, shower, and begin to forage.

Number 2 son was the first to get up.  Up and showered and ready for school at the appointed hour.  When he found out that school was cancelled he quickly went to tell his brothers to get the heck out of bed because they were going to be late.  I wish I could have seen their faces...but I was still in bed!

Number 3 son is busily conquering the world of Donkey Kong.  I occasionally hear him yelling at the game, something about banana guns and jungle juice.  Maybe I'll play it with him later.

As for me - I'm still doing laundry, contemplating the completion of swap projects, and thinking I really ought to go make the bed.  All of that will keep for a little while...I'd rather be visiting with you.

Have a great day & stay safe and warm.

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