Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Funks & Smiles

Good morning, I think I am in a blue funk this morning.  I'd like to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.  It wouldn't be that hard, really it wouldn't.  The sun is hiding behind a cloud.  The house is quiet.  No one would ever know.  Problem is, I'm not sleepy.  I'd feel totally ridiculous hiding under the covers waiting for....waiting for what?  Nawww, going back to bed doesn't seem like the thing to do.  Besides, I've got company coming.

In just a little while my friend Sue will be here to finish quilting her custom quilt.  She started it a few weeks ago and only has a little ways to go before she can call it finished.  While she is here we are going to begin working on the raffle quilt for the Frisco Quilt Guild's 2012 drawing.  (Translation - we're going to cut fat quarters.)

I have a few misgivings about our idea.  It is to be a guild effort.  Everyone is to make a themed block or filler blocks to be assembled by the board into a big quilt.  The theme this time is "Around Town"  I know the idea will work, at least as far as construction is concerned.  We did it last year.  The 2011 quilt theme was "Texas" and the quilt is lovely.   (Let me know if you would like tickets.  They will be on sale until May 2011)

2011 Frisco Quilt Guild Raffle Quilt - "Texas Our Texas"

The problem is the new theme.  The Texas quilt is so lovely that I'm afraid that our new theme will be a disappointment.   Now that I stop to consider it I know that I'm wrong.  The new quilt will not disappoint, it will be different.   Different isn't bad,'s different.  The new quilt will be light hearted and fun where this one is bold and proud.  Imagine houses, parks, public buildings, all the activity that goes on and a small town, set against a back ground of sky blue.   I'm  smiling just thinking about the possibilities.

Maybe I should get to work and brush off the blue funk with a smile....

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