Saturday, February 26, 2011

My day off....

I try not to sew, or quilt for customers on the weekend.  I want to make sure that I savor every moment with my boys before they are grown and gone.  I know that day will come, and it is coming sooner rather than later.  However, today my youngest is off playing baseball with his dad; my oldest is in a codeine induced stupor in front of the television watching "That 70's Show" on Netflix; and my middle boy is enjoying time on Halo.  That leaves me with the dogs, the laundry, and my online quilting friends.  You all won!  You are much better company than the laundry or the dogs.

I've got my round robin completed for last month.  (Yes I was a month late.)  Now I have the round robin for next month to do before they swap again.   I have a couple of weeks left to work on it, so I'm giving myself the day off.  Although, I have to tell you that after the last quilt, which was a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors on a black background, this quilt shocked the socks off of me.  Let's just say, "It is Orange."  Orange in a manner that only a UT or OSU fan can pull has some crimson in it too - my Hokie brother might enjoy it.  I think I have to wait a day or two just to get my eyes adjusted to the color.  I think I like it, but need to step back for a day or two.

I'm also contemplating my project box.  I tend to purchase fabric in kitted form rather than as random fat quarters and yardage.  I do the same thing when clothes shopping.  I'll buy a whole outfit rather than a shirt or pair of jeans.  Before I start working on the quilt it lives in an antique box with the rest of the "stash."  This I affectionately think of as my project box.  I want to work on something new.  I want something colorful and lively and not too terribly challenging.  I want a happy escape from the trauma of broken bones and sick kids.


This is the project I think I want to work on.  It is super easy nine patches, pieced strips, and large cuts of focus fabric.  My fabrics are batiks with black and white accents.  My focus fabric is an adorable novelty print with Polynesian children playing in the surf and sand.  Their laughter is contagious and I think, exactly what I need.

I think I could really enjoy some time spent with these kids.  It would be more fun if you were here, but I'll show you pictures of it when I am done.

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