Friday, February 4, 2011


Day 4 of the Big Freeze.  I've lived in Texas for nearly 32 years and I can't remember another time when it stayed so cold for so long.  Everything is covered in ice and snow.  It isn't even the good kind of snow that you can pack and build with.  It's fluffy and laying atop hard ice.

They say it is supposed to warm up....sometime.  I'm sure that by this time next week we will be walking to the mailbox barefoot again.  The sky will be blue and the trees will be starting to don their lacy clothes.  At the moment all is grey and cold, but I know there are daffodils just waiting to show themselves.

On days like today I'm glad that I don't have to travel to get to work.  I'm sitting in my "studio," with fluffy slippers on my feet, looking out at the snow.  I can see four or five inches of it on the trucks window.  The sky is heavy and thick with grey clouds.  (I'm so glad the truck is red - it sticks out in the white landscape.)  Truth is, on days like today I have a hard time.  I've gotten spoiled by the Texas sun, and although I do think the snow is beautiful, I find it a tad oppressive when it lingers.

I need to fight that oppression.  We've met before, and it has often beat me.  For too many years I let it win.  That was a bad plan.  So, today I'm going to think about something daffodils.

I highly recommend going to Flickr and searching for daffodils, or anything else that is bright and sunny.  Spend some time strolling through the tulip fields in Holland, or at a child's birthday party.  Gaze at smile after smile and pretty soon you will find yourself smiling too.  The cold grey day and the depression that it engenders will seem different after a few moments of looking at something else.

Yep, the answer is Daffodils.  I feel better already.  I can almost smell them.

Ooh - and here is my favorite kitty to join in.  Daffodils and kitty purrs.  Does it get any better than that?  I'm good for at least another day now.

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