Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Rearview Mirror - Some kind of wonderful love.

The blustery month of March!  What a ride.

I had some finishes this month....

My Swap Items for March 2013

These were all for swapping and are now on their way...riding the March winds so to their new homes.

Tops to Treasures March 2013

Tops to Treasures did a bit of business....okay more than half of that is for myself, or my Mum....but work is!  (I already have this much work in the hopper for April.)

But mostly March was about visiting with friends and family.  I spent a week playing with my boys.  We were all together (Thank you God) for a whole week when we hadn't expected any.  I spent a long weekend retreating with my Mum, followed a week later by a day at the Dallas Quilt Celebration show, followed a week later by a Mystery Quilt Sew day and an evening in Dallas taking in a musical.

March Happenings 2013
Yup, March has been about people.  I am blessed to have people in my life who love me...even when I am not terribly lovable.

I am further blessed to belong to a God who has loved me from the beginning of time.  A God who stitched the whole world into being by the words of His mouth.  Who, knowing the end from the beginning, knew how wretched people would be and chose to make us anyway.  Knowing what it would cost Him, God made the heavens and the earth and populated it with people who turned around and reject all that He had given them....including the love that He offered freely.  Yet, He made a way for us to be united with Him forever.  That is some kind of wonderful love.

Imagine making a quilt for your beloved.  The most beautiful quilt you have ever made, or will ever make, invested with hours of your love and affection, blood, sweat, and tears, perfectly crafted for the one you hold most dear.  You finish the quilt, wrap it up with a bow, and present it.  It is gratefully received...or so you think...until you see it wadded up on the hood of his car, grease smudges on the beautiful stitching, one corner wedged in a door frame and torn.

Ya, I wouldn't be getting up close and personal with that man anytime soon, and I darn sure wouldn't be making him another quilt.

God isn't like that.  (Good thing.)  He devised a most wonderful and unbelievable plan to make everything right again.  Over the course of centuries he directed events to culminate in the birth of one particular boy....His boy....the perfect boy to fulfill God's plans.  That boy grew to manhood and told the world about his wonderful father.  He wasn't much better accepted than his father was.  Those he came to save turned around and murdered him on a Roman cross.  He went willingly....the perfect lamb.  He died, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. 

This is where I would have ended the story....I'd be done with the lot....but NOT God. 

Three days later Jesus Christ, son of Man and son of God, arose from the dead.  He got up and walked among the people and talked with them, not like a creepy, undead, zombie sort of creature, but as a risen Lord who ate and drank, and cast a shadow.  And he offered those people, and all of the people that were to come after them the chance to accept His gift - price paid, debt erased, ticket stamped "Paid in full" - the opportunity to be made right with God and join him in Heaven for the rest of time.

Remember that beautifully crafted quilt all torn and dirty wadded up on your beloved's car?  We are like that before God...he made that quilt for us and we treated it like some nasty used hygene product.  Jesus was born to fix it, and He did.  Our lives before God are now more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.   The quilt is clean and repaired....more perfect than it was before.   Jesus paid the price for restoration and offeres it to us for FREE.   All we have to do is accept it.

That is some kind of wonderful love.........that is Easter.


Michelle said...

OH my Goodness. What beautiful words you wrote about our loving God and what He did for us. I loved it. May I borrow it? Have a wonderful Easter.

Dolly said...

And that same God has blessed you with a tremendous gift to tell the age old story. Wow ! Thank you for blessing the end of this Easter day!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

That's a super way to remind us what we have, thank you for sharing, God Bless xxxxxx

Cindy said...

Absolutely right! That truly is some kind of wonderful. Thank you for such beautiful words!!

Lynne said...

What a wonderful post! God bless you!

Tamara Oster said...

Amen and thank you G-d for your perfect love that we are saved and will spend eternity with you in Heaven! G-d bless you. XOXO