Monday, April 1, 2013

Covert Robin - What I Made

the covert robin button

I had to get help figuring this gift out....I won't tell you the recipient's name....because I don't know if the gift has been received yet...but I will tell you that the recipient is an awesome parent.

My partner's blog is filled with posts about goings on with their kids and the special time they spend together.

It reminded me of one of my wonderful sister in laws.    I can tell you about Robin. 

Robin married my brother on my 20th birthday.  My parents gave me 3 brothers and a home in a neighborhood of boys.  It was a lovely safe home....but lacking in feminine company.  I've always been tickled that my brother gave me a sister for my birthday.  Got a say, Robbie is the best birthday gift I ever got...even 30 years later!!

Robin is like my partner in that she chose to home school my niece and nephew.  (God bless her.  If I had chosen the same route I would be in prison for murdering my sons.  Honest.)  Her children are fantastic kids.  I love to have them around.  They are smart, articulate, and interested in the world around them.  Well done sweet sister!!

I asked Robbie what she thought a homeschooling parent would appreciate in a home made gift.  Her response was..."a bag to help carry all of the books in."

Covert Robin
Soooo, a bag is what I made.  It features Malka Dubrawsky's fabric line Simple Marks.  I loved the rich colors and interesting shapes.

Covert Robin
AND has lots of interior pockets!  I think there are 16 of them.  AND there is lots of room for whatever supplies need to be toted around.  I made the lining a light color so that things wouldn't get lost in the bottom.

Covert Robin
I hope my partner enjoys this bag, made just for her....and the kids respect the fact that it belongs to MOM!! 

Covert Robin
It should be arriving at it's new home any day now. 
PS.  The USPS says that the package has been delivered.
PPS.  No site of my surprise yet...but I will keep you posted. 



Celtic Thistle said...

I am sure your partner will love it Cindy. The amount of thought you have put into it will make sure of that.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

I love this bag and I am certain she will, too. I have a layer cake of that fabric and haven't decided how to use it but I might be able to make a bag. Please tell me the interfacing you use on the outer bag. It looks so sturdy. Great job!

Katie said...

lovely bag and I have a feeling any mom would love it

Carla said...

Lovely bag! I like her fabrics

Lisa said...

This is awesome still waiting on mine too!

Lynne said...

Looks like a very useful bag.

moira said...

lovely bag