Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ta-done! x 2

First up - Jack of Heart's, Heather Spence's Fall 2012 Mystery Quilt. 
Jack of Hearts
Finished at 64 x 64" and is quite sufficient to be used as a sail on a windy day.  The wind is all that is holding my quilt to the fence.
Jack of Hearts
Quilted in Vicki Malaski's "Circus 1".  If you look closely you can see the Ring Master, a lion, an elephant, a circus tent, and a tall skinny clown in the quilting.
Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
The back has adorable lions with bunting mains on it.
My second finish this week is Garden Steps - a stitch-a-long with Clover & Violet done quite a while ago.
Garden Steps
It finished out at 57" x 74" and features 12 hand embroidered centers surrounded by purples and aquas from Kate Spain's beautiful "Good Fortune" line.
Garden Steps
It is quilted in Anne Bright's "Joy" - a playful pattern of flowers, leaves, and butterflies that curls like a breeze across the quilt.
Garden Steps
Spring seems to have suddenly sprung out of now where in North Texas.  I hope it isn't too long before it is traveling further north and melting all of the ice and snow.


Canadian Abroad said...

Lovely finishes. I especially love one made with Good Fortune. Such a beautiful line of fabric made into an even more gorgeous quilt.

Lynne said...

Both lovely!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hi Cindy, I got behind with blog reading, but have just had a lovely 10 minutes catching up, some lovely stuff happening, I really love the jack of hearts - a mystery quilt without triangles! Yay!!

Janine said...

These are both lovely. I wish I could see the circus quilting in real life!