Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day at the Dallas Show

It has been very crazy around my house of late.  I've had to remind myself to breath quite a few times.  Today seems to be a day of peace.  (Thank you God!)

I got to spend the day in Dallas yesterday.  I took in the annual quilt show with my Mom.  I can't share all of my photographs here....but you can check them out over on my Flickr photostream.

I thought, as my home is a gallery of mini quilts I would share the auction  mini's with you here.  As my Mom and I looked at them she kept telling me that my collection was better.  I'd have to agree.  (That my friends is in large part thanks to you who have swapped with me over the years.)  But there were a few that caught my eye...I think I would make room for them on my walls.

Auction Mini # 6
This was the first to catch my eye. I loved the message and the bright colors.
Auction Mini #12
I was still looking else where when my Mom asked me what in the world a police box was doing in the middle of a garden on this little quilt.

Auction Mini #12
Oh yeah, you could have heard me squeal across town.  The Doctor was in the building.  I think I would gladly join a guild who had David Tennet as a member....Matt Smith would be fun about both of those handsome boys?!
Auction Mini #26
Bwahahahaha - It made me hungry!!  (No BLTs in the cafeteria though.  What were the show planners thinking?)
Auction Mini #28
Well done number 28.  Your piecing is beautiful.
Auction Mini #37
For my scenic quilt lovers.
Auction Mini #44
The Mama bird's breast was lovely.
Auction Mini #55
What is not to love about a dachshund on a skateboard?  I know my picture isn't the best.  They had the mini's hung on two levels and I wasn't tall enough to get a good vantage...darn my stubby genetics.
Auction Mini #75
I am NOT a Sun Bonnet Sue lover.  This is one traditional quilt block that I just don't like...
but I have a soft spot for the desert
Auction Mini #82
Bravo #82, great composition.  What a clever way to use a large print.
  (I think the fabric line is Cinnamon Spice by Moda)
Auction Mini # 89
Darn my  stubby legs....who wouldn't swoon if they got this beauty in the mail.
Auction Mini #91
Very cool use of stripes and solids.
And one more....just because I can't get over how real it looks....okay maybe two more....

Heidi's Schlowers

Heidi's Schlowers
Ya, I'd have given this one that ribbon too.
Blue Plate Special
I think this is my favorite quilt from the show.  Don't those tomatoes look scrumptious?!
Blue Plate Special


Carla said...

Such a lovely display of talent

Michelle said...

That Doctor Who quilt is great!

Kelley said...

David Tennet is by far the best doctor, although Matt Smith is growing on me, I still enjoyed Christopher Eccleston. love the police box in a garden and that iris quilt is amazing! Thanks for joining up on the covert Robin!

Lynne said...

Wow! What a great variety! I'm not a fan of the Doctor but that is a lovely mini, as is the prize winner of flowers and the one using the large print ten finished in the quilting!

SarahZ said...

Thank you for a wonderful morning mini quilt show! A great way to start my day!