Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Goodies from Canadian Abroad
Sitting on the south end of my couch, brightening up the corner.....

Anyone recognize that lovely pillow?
or this lovely face?
My friend Susan, of Canadian Abroad, agreed to do a private swap with me.  I wanted an excuse to send her some North American goodies and felt silly paying postage to send Twizzlers to England.  I decided that I should make her something and include the Twizzlers so as to seem more in keeping with my ripe old age of 50.  (How did that happen.  I swear I only remember about 25 of those years.)
Susan beat me to the punch line with today's mail. 
Goodies from Canadian Abroad
AND she included European sweets for me to try....

Goodies from Canadian Abroad
AND she included a delightfully English fat quarter....

Goodies from Canadian Abroad
which I am assuming is a public transit map of London....but when view as a 1" thumbnail photo kind of reminds me of the face of the oldest human....which is kind of oddly appropriate too...."Moisturize me".  Who was that?!
Anyway.  Thank you much Susan.  You made my day a gazillion times brighter, and no that is not a Texas tall tale.  It is the absolute truth.  Bless you!!
Go visit my friend and enjoy her quirky style at Canadian Abroad.


Celtic Thistle said...

Fab cushion. Enjoy the Revels they were my favourite sweets a long time ago.

Sandra Kaye said...

I LOVE to do swaps with people all over the world!!! This was a cool swap..and love the pillow:):) Hugs

Carla said...

So very lovely! Enjoy your goodies

Canadian Abroad said...

Just so pleased you like what you received. Enjoy the sweeties!

Samantha said...

Cassandra in Doctor Who :)

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

What a great cushion! I love the tube map fabric, I have some too. It made me giggle that it shows heathrow (it's a loop in blue) rwhich is practically where i live, right by Greenwich, which s where my oldest is at Uni, but heathrow is really bottom left of the map and Greenwich bottom right so we are two hours apart!!