Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Out the Door

Hot diggity, dog diggity, how cool is this?!

I am on Moda Bake Shop today!!
If you are visiting, WELCOME.  Have a poke around a bit and enjoy yourself.
If you are a friend or follower join me in the happy dance!! Then go over and check out the pattern and the story behind it.  It is all about my boys.
Out the Door - Cover photo


Carla said...

Oh my goodness Cindy. How many recipes is that? Congrats again
It's beautiful

Cindy said...

This is great!! Congratulations!!!

carol fun said...

Another wonderful quilt! I am blown away by your creativity. I love the message in this one -so heartfelt . Hugs -

Janine said...

Congrats on another bakeshop! This is fab but, although I love my children to bits, I don't think I could bear all all that reverse applique five times! Maybe I'll make one for them to share and they can see it when they come home :)

Lynne said...

Congratulations! How exciting!