Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What to say.....

I love hearing from all of the people who happen upon my blog(s).  It makes my world both larger and smaller to have cyber friends from all corners of the planet.  It enriches my life, and hopefully theirs.

When I visit other blogs I often leave a comment.  Sometimes I read through the comments left by others, sometimes I don't.  Often I am struck by the vague similarity of the comments to those overheard at a baby shower.  All of the oohs and aahs, the squeals of delight are prescious (And yes, those of you from The South, and you know who you are, I may just mean it that way.)  It is great to shair the joy of creation and accomplishment with others.  Really, why else would you blog?!  Sometimes there is nothing to be done but to join in the chorus.

Occasionally I say something more.  While it is nice and good to send a cheery greating across the cyber waves, some posts require a bit more.  Some posts require something more sincere, something that is more deeply felt, something that conveys the thought that I understand and have been in the place where the blogger finds themselves and am a sympathetic ear.  I care.  I don't want my addition to their blogroll to be just another catalogue of ships.

For a long time I feared the judgement seat of God.  Maybe I should still, but that is another story.  I had imagined standing before God and hearing not "Well done, my good and faithful servant." but "Who are you."  I feared I was just too dense to get the point, that I would wake up some day to discover my opportunity had passed me by and I was doomed because I had been too slow to catch on.  Then it occured to me that my God, the God of the Bible, is really, really, really BIG.  He made the world and all that is in it with the words of his mouth.  If God can do that, then surely He can make me understand....anything.  He can and does provide all that is nescessary for me to accomplish whatever it is that He wants me to do.  All I have to do is do it.  (Oh yeah, like that is easy....not so much...but again another story.)  All of that to say I still crave hearing those words.  "Well done."

Nobody says that anymore.  Maybe we should.

The next time you see a comment from me on your blog and all you read is "Well done!" know that this is the reason why.


Lynne said...

My only ambition is to hear those words and I used to be a little concerned. Then I realised that all we have to do is accept the gift, freely given. Sure, we have to "live it out" but it's the acceptance that will gain us the "Well done".

My Older Grandson (aged 2) says "well done" to himself a lot so I guess his mum (my DD) says it to him and I know WM and I certainly do.

Well done to you for having the courage to write this post.

GIO said...

I sure appreciate every single comment you made (and hopefully are going to make...) to my posts... It's good to know that somebody in this world does care, and you certainly do (I have proof). WELL DONE!!!

Cathy said...

Really good post! I appreciate a Well Done myself~ It is a pat on the back! ♥♥♥ Thanks for sharing these thoughts! Well Done!!! :)