Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh Sew Day

With so many of you, I am shocked that today is indeed May 1st. April was monumentous!
Lily's Quilts 

I hadn't thought much of it until I stepped back for a moment and created mosaics to link in with Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day.

During the month of April I received 4 mini's in the mail...

April 2012 Swaps Rec'd

and sent 4 mini's out.

I worked on 8 customer quilts for Tops to Treasures.

April 2012 - Tops to Treasures

And managed to finish just a few things for me.

My oldest son broke his hand and got it taken care of without the assistance of my dh or myself (He is growning up, and growing new heads.)

My little brother turned 48, I turned 49, and one of my big brothers turned 52.

And I became a Moda Bakeshop Chef.

I can't begin to imagine what May might hold.


Amy said...

Congratulations on all your finishes and your success!!

Sarah said...

What a productive month - impressive! Happy Fresh Sewing Day, and happy belated birthday!

Rachel said...

Well done :-)

Cindy said...

It is so good to read those words. Thank you!

Cindy said...

Thank you much. Proof that things happen if you just keep moving.

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!! You have been a very busy beaver:):):) Every thing looks wonderful....and you know it is coming.......wait for it......WELL DONE!!!! You are a great cyber friend :):) Love ya

Heidi Staples said...

What a great month you've had. I love that mail you're getting!

Kerstin said...

Wow, you've been busy, no wonder April flew past you! Lovely projects!

Janine said...

Belated Happy Birthday and congrats on becoming a bakeshop chef. You have been busy. I love the minis you sent and received and that's a great photo of your son. I hope his hand is getting better :)

Lynne said...

There is an old quote which my mother liked to use from time to time: "Life wasn't meant to be easy, my child; but (take courage:) it can be delightful." (Brackets around the part mum always omitted).

Wishing you a delightful May.

Nicky said...

Wow! Lots done and so well! Congrats on the chef hat! And hope the hand is better!

What will you get up to in May!