Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a tad distracted....

This is what I've been up to. See the boy standing on the left wearing sweat pants and a black hoodie? That is my Noah! (He is an athletic trainer with the team.)

The Howard Hawks are ranked #5 in the NJCAA. They are currently playing in their regional finals in Lubbock, TX. The games are being televised on We can watch them in the living room.

We have to get past a few more to be played later this week...and then maybe the Hawks will be flying off to Grand Junction CO for the NJCAA World Series. I wanna go! I have never, ever, taken my boys out of school for special events....this might be an exception! Come on Hawks, Mama wants a road trip.

I delivered the bright orange quilt and pillow cases that I've been talking about. Here they their new home atop Amanda's bed.

I even finished the flower I was working on. I ended up finishing it during the one cared. ...and I hand sewed the petals into place rather than hot gluing them. (I wasn't thrilled with the glue idea any way.

It doesn't quite work for me, but the girl is happy, so I am too.

Not much else going on here....back to work....

....pretty isn't it?!


Annie said...

Those don't look bright orange. They look like the colors she wanted. Interesting flower pillow. You did a great job with those petals. OOooo, I like that patriotic quilt you're working on!

Lynne said...

What happened to the orange?

Go Hawks!