Tuesday, May 29, 2012

busy, Busy, BUsy, BUSy, BUSY

I've not posted in almost a week.  So like me....I post in spurts....such is the life of a Mommy.

I know I am a few weeks early for a KiMOS I won't share all...yet...just know that I have been working on Killing Mama's Overwhelming Stash!

I have completed one quilt for this challenge.

KiMOS woodsy
A sneak peek of my new quilt
I have adopted a warrior's uniform.  This is available for purchase from Amy Bradley's shop.

Buy it here


I have a new place to play with my crazy KiMOS beloved built this for me yesterday.

A design wall that hangs like a curtain in front of the boys nasty bathroom.  LOL  I can pretend that it doesn't even exist!!

Made for less than $30 out of PVC pipe, a chain, a couple of hooks, shower curtain hangers, grommets, and 5 yards of fluffy flannel.

Weighted at the bottom with the left over chain.

Gotta love that man!!

Off to play with my new design wall.


Lynne said...

Did you steal that idea from me? LOL

What a great way to hide what you don't want to see!

susan said...

Gotta love that man indeed. One day I will have a design wall and what a good idea doing it this way is.

Janine said...

I love that idea - a dual purpose design wall!