Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Sincerest Appologies

There are 621 entries in this seasons Bloggers Quilt Festival.

Something like a dozen different categories to vote for.


Only one me.

I can't vote for all of them.  I have only gotten through half of the posts, if that. 

I have now voted...and I love all of the quilts that I voted for...but I know that there are others that deserve my vote as well.

I based my vote on what I like....duh...and who wouldn't...and scanned all of the entries before picking.

My thought....I'd love to win...but to win someone has to vote...if someone has to vote...then I'd better vote...and so should you...polls are open until the 30th.

If you are having trouble selecting a winner my linky number is 199.  Just sayin'


susan said...

I found it near impossible to vote because I went through them and never wrote down the numbers of the ones I loved. Then came voting time and I couldn't find the ones I loved any more. I wish they had people enter into categories because it was very hard to tell where quilts belonged and I think it is something they should think of for next time. Good luck with the voting. I do not expect to appear anywhere in the votes but have loved the great comments I have received.

Lynne said...

It's hard to pick one for each category, isn't it?